Famicom Selecta mecha

Posting this as a nod to Famicom’s recent 30th anniversary, fun summer film Pacific Rim (notice the two mecha pilots!), and the giant robots in Attack of the Friday Monsters (oh, and hey, it’s Friday).

MagicTubaPixie says this piece was inspired by the Sabrepulse song of the same name, adding:

"The second mecha in the Skyfire Ace line, the Famicom Selecta is a high-mobility frame with an impressive chin-mounted cannon and Thunder Thighs missile launchers. however, due to its size and capabilities, it requires two pilots to properly operate it."

Just going back to Attack of the Friday Monsters, oh my God, this game is so good/charming. Like I mentioned on Twitter last night, there are a dozen things to love about it in just the first five minutes.

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Gerling | Dust Me Selecta (feat. Inga Liljeström) (by fastbackfilms). A music video I directed that’s not car related.