Selba will open next month. We spoke with the Executive Chef, Abram Jackson, to get a taste of what the new restaurant will offer:

“Food really is comfort,” Abram says. “We want people to come here and have that experience.” Selba will offer “contemporary comfort food,” popular favorites that are “rich in flavor, but not rich in sugar.” His passion and emphasis convinces me that health is, indeed, Selba’s first culinary maxim. He tells me that they will make available nutritional facts upon request along with indications of an item’s vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten-free incarnations. One gluten-free dish to anticipate is their scallops with linguine: puréed raw scallops that are then pushed through a pasta extruder so that the scallops become pasta. The dish will be served wtih a coconut seafood broth.

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erstens bist du selba extrem guat und hast die um einiges verbessert und so guat wie du tuast bin i jetz ah wida net X”D I finds trotzdem echt süß von dir das da mir des schreibst! sowas han i heit irgendwie gebraucht -bussi bussi- <333