slide 11 - hisoka

slide 12- ladies

slide 13 - mentors

[High res of the last 4 slides: hisoka/ladies/mentors/triggers]

I hope you enjoyed and that I’ll be seeing you in the fandom! :D

(If anyone would like the original presentation in .ppt format, feel free to ask. Also, if you can’t find where to watch/read HxH, give me a shout and I’ll try to help you out!)

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ETA: The anime is now complete; the manga is on hiatus.

Sherlock Holmes - a study in surveillance 1 by ~lexieken

medium: CS5

I plan on making a series of these “surveillance” photos for a larger commission project that I’m slowing working on. 

I’m not going to focus on the fact that I might not be able to replicate this new style. O.O

I also continue to suck at backgrounds. **headdesk**

So the mysterious art & fiction project I’m going to be doing with the World, using the funky new Blackberry 10, begins tomorrow at midday Eastern US Time.

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Joanna Lannister | “Let the less-loving one be me.”

fancasting: elle fanning, gabriella wilde, & cate blanchett

These songs going round, these fanciful tales, 
I’ll put them straight; so when you stare 
Into my face – or Lyanna’s face, Elia’s, 
Jenny of Oldstones’, Rhaella’s – think again.

These Princes – the singers call them Charming – Heh
I could have told you. They’re bastards when they’re Princes. 
Look, love, I should know – Aerys took his liberties.

What you want to do is find yourself a beast. The sex Is better. 

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No sekrits to be had, nope » freedomandeyebrows

Zuko rolled his apron up into a ball and threw it into the clothes basket on the other side of the kitchen. He stomped out of the teashop, all the way back to the tenement, and up the two and a half flights of stairs.

The apartment was dark. Then Zuko remembered Uncle was out for the night with a neighbor. He shuddered. Probably better not think about that.

He shut the door and walked to where he remembered the lantern was last. Fumbling around a bit, he found it. Zuko sighed. He really didn’t want to go hunting for spark rocks in the dark, too. Assuming the spark rocks hadn’t been misplaced again, that is.

Oh, fuck it. The door was shut; the windows were shuttered. There was no way anyone would see him do it. He pinched his fingers on the wick of the lantern, and a small flame jumped to life, bathing the room in flickering light.

Zuko glanced around the room again. Nope. No one. He just firebended in the middle of Ba Sing Se, and nothing happened. No Dai Li. No guards. No earthquakes. No annoying ferry kids.