DJ León Brotha is inda house (of terror).

Fino, aquí tienes a DJ Leon Botha, el tocaplatos que lleva Die Antwoord a sus conciertos. Y no, no es un DJ normal.

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Here’s a blast from the past — a REALLY old attempt at Sekh from before I fully nailed down any of the gods’ designs. Sekh used to be a lot bigger on body paint than they are now, and this was well before they became the eyeless/blind god. According to the date on the file, I did this sometime in 2008.

I do like the chimaera thing I was going for, to be honest! Sekh was alwasy supposed to be a character who liked mixing and matching their animal forms. You’ll get to see a bit of that in the next chapter.

Day 2: A myth or story from folklore

Humans conspired to overthrow Ra and the other Gods. Even the priests and magicians plotted against the gods, using the powers given them against these gods. Ra heard of this, and called together the most powerful and ancient deities. It was decided that Sekhmet, the “force against which no other force avails” (Masters) should stomp out the rebellion. She would punish all those who had evil in their hearts and minds. So Sekhmet went out and slaughtered the humans, drinking their blood. Soon, the land was so bloody, and so many were dead, that Ra and the gods feared no humans would remain on the earth, so something had to be done to stop Sekhmet, who was intoxicated on human blood and craved even more. Ra sent for a brew to be made from beer, blood, and certain plants – probably containing belladonna and opium – in order to calm and stop Sekhmet. 7000 huge jugs of the brew were prepared, and this bloody-looking liquid was poured over the ground in a place where Sekhmet was sure to go. When Sekhmet came to this place, she thought she saw blood, and drank it all up. Then it is said that “her heart was filled with joy” and her rage and slaughter was ended. After that, Ra praised Sekhmet in order to further soothe her, calling her “the One Who Comes in Peace,” and “beautiful, charming, graceful.”

sekh ma shieraki anni

Authorkaisoommer (author to be revealed)

Genre: Game of Thrones AU, Fantasy, Drama (?)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: (Hover)

Summary:  Kyungsoo counts the stars on Kai’s skin and watches the sun in his eyes while Kai runs his finger over Kyungsoo’s bottom lip like he holds the moon in his mouth. Together they build eternity.

Admin T’s Notes: OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD. Like wow holy crap guys this GoT!AU was so much fun to read I enjoyed every freaking second of it!!! The characterization is amazing and just like wow this is fuckin awesome.



Criando sistemas de escrita para duas civilizações extintas do cenário. Há alguns anos eu criei a escrita atual de uma região, e só agora estou pensando em como era a mais antiga.

No caso, a atual é a neridh-gautrar, usada para escrever, principalmente, três idiomas (nerídh, neridhetir e gautrar). Os sistemas em que estou trabalhando agora são da escrita do povo Mera e do povo Sekh.

Os Mera tinham uma escrita mais fluida, curva, toda frescurenta, baseada no crescimento das árvores, e me inspirei diretamente no Laoris pra criar o sistema. A diferença é que o Laoris é escrito em um único sentido no “caule”, enquanto a escrita mera funcionaria em bustrofédon, ou seja, os glifos alcançariam um ponto e então fariam a volta pelo mesmo caule.

A escrita Sekh é pra parecer mais dura, fria e com uma caligrafia mais imponente, que se destaque e permita bastante elaboração estilística. Parti de uma mistureba do hierático egípcio, fenício e um pouco de ideogramas chineses. Ela é escrita da direita para a esquerda, em linhas, ou de cima para baixo. Dá pra combinar os caracteres de diversas maneiras.

As duas precisam de muito polimento, ainda, mas acho que vão solucionar meus problemas. :D

process for this chapter in case anyone’s interested:

  1. script/thumbnail 
  2. trim paper & lay out panel borders with masking tape
  3. block in environment colours (mostly golden-browns in this chapter, plus some deeper shadows and bits of sky)
  4. paint in environmental structures
  5. block in character base colours
  6. topical character details (eg. Yik-Yik’s stripes, Sekh’s mane)
  7. eyes, mouths, props, any environment touch-ups
  8. scan & adjust
  9. add dialogue, publish

This page is around about step 6 right now, I’m just trying to get a nice smooth contrast in Sekh’s base colours so I can layer the last few details on top.

My travel companions

- Andy Petersen, my boyfriend
- Jordan Vasani
- Simon Ruff
- Kevin Minofu
- Phil Munda
- Jess Munda
- Kimbal Stokes
- Sophie Kirsch
- Sekh-Fei de Lacy
- Mila Mihailovic, who I only met at the airport