@DaiKing_boy: Pleased to meet you, I’m Yamashita! You bastards!
@DaiKing_boy: You all love Yowamushi Pedal, don’t you? Hehehe. What cuties♪
@DaiKing_boy: Ahh, I’m tired.
@DaiKing_boy: Now then, hello. It’s Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
@DaiKing_boy: Eh?
@DaiKing_boy: What did you say?
@DaiKing_boy: I am!!
@DaiKing_boy: Daiki!!
@DaiKing_boy: Yamashita!!
@DaiKing_boy: You bastards!!
@DaiKing_boy: Are you happy?
@DaiKing_boy: Let’s go forward vigorously!!
@DaiKing_boy: Yeah!!
@DaiKing_boy: Don’t watch this!!
@DaiKing_boy: Ah. Hello. This is Daiki who is seemingly Suzuki. Yowamushi Pedal is the best!
@DaiKing_boy: I’m just a male who pedals.
@DaiKing_boy: You guys are my pedals!!
@DaiKing_boy: Thcqjaklgjqkge, hgpakxhklswar? Tbakqmsp
@DaiKing_boy: Shut up!! You’re asking if I’m all right? I’m always all right!!
@DaiKing_boy: I’m always on full blast!! You little shits!!!
@DaiKing_boy: Phew… I’m sorry to surprise all of you!! I finally got my phone back!
@egutakuya: Suzuki Tatsuhisa-san has taken over Yamashita Daiki-kun’s account and is tweeting with it now (lol) “Getting taken over on Twitter sure is scary… by Kondou Takashi”

May 3rd, 2015: The day Suzuki Tatsuhisa stole Yamashita Daiki’s phone and snuck on his Twitter account while other voice actors look on. 

(Watch how it just descends into chaos)

  • “Nice to meet you, Yamashita here!! You bastards-”
  • “You lot really like Yowamushi Pedal, huh?
    You guys are cute♪“
  • “Ahhh, bored”
  • “Now then, hello. This is Suzuki Tatsuhisa”
  • “What?”
  • “What’d you say?”
  • “It’s me!!”
  • “Daiki!!”
  • “Yamashita!!”
  • “You bastards-!”
  • “You guys happy?”
  • “Let’s go with a refreshing feel!!”
  • “Ahh!!”
  • “Don’t look!”
  • “Ah. Hello. This is a Tatsuhisa-style Daiki. Yowamushi Pedal’s awesome-!!”
  • “I’m just a guy that works the pedals”
  • “You guys are my pedals!!”
  • “Shut it-!! You’re asking if I’m alright? There aint a time when I’m never not alright!!”
  • “I’m always going at full throttle!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!”
  • “Phew…I’m so sorry for surprising everyone! My phone has finally been returned!”

Eguchi Takuya’s response:

“Suzuki Tatsuhisa-san has hijacked Yamashita Daiki-kun’s twitter and is tweeting currently…’A Twitter hijacking is scary, huh…by Kondo Takashi‘” [x]


小野賢章.「ZERO」発売中! @ono_kensho  May 3rd
「ZERO」リリイベ終了しました!! たくさんの方と話せてパワーをいただきました!!プレゼントや手紙もありがとうございます^_^ ありがとうございました!!!

The release event for “ZERO” is over!! I received a lot of power from the many people I spoke with! Thank you so much for the presents and letters ^_^ Thank you very much!!!