you are not on top of the food chain, your choices aren’t on par with lions eating zebras, a vegan diet is neither unhealthy nor expensive, there is no such thing as vegan privilege, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always eaten animals, hunting isn’t noble, fishing isn’t either, you are not an inuit, humans are not carnivores, you’re canines don’t mean shit, veganism is not racist or classist, cows do not need to be milked, plants are not sentient, plant-based protein is easy to come by, it is not your right, it is not a personal choice, the (phyto)estrogen in soy is not dangerous, dead animals are not healthy - every nutrient you need comes from plants, animals are sentient and thus feel pain - there is no denying that, the soy monocultures you are thinking of are actually fed to livestock not vegans, no, you can not love animals while killing and eating them, respecting an animal after you’ve murdered it doesn’t mean shit and neither does using every part of the animal, intersectionality does not negate veganism, veganism is not a belief and it sure as fuck is not dogmatic, vegans are making a difference, intelligence does not matter - sentience does, breeding someone for the purpose of eating them is not an ethical justification, buying local isn’t more sustainable or more ethical than veganism, taste does not matter, taking “good care” of them before you kill them does not make it ok, yes, cows are raped, no, capitalism does not need to be smashed first, human problems are not more important, if you are concerned about migrant worker exploitation - stop eating meat, no, there is no humane way to kill, rape, exploit or enslave, if your mom won’t cook vegan for you - fucking do it yourself, no a vegan diet is not hard or unhealthy, no, vegetarianism isn’t fucking good enough, meat does not make you manly.

i’ve heard it all before and none of this selfish bullshit is valid. you’re making excuses.
you are lying to yourselves and you are killing the planet and everyone living on it. animals don’t exist for your convenience.

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What are your favorite vegan tumblrs?

I honestly hate saying because I feel like I leave out a lot of great people, I’ve shot past a thousand followers in a short time and I’ll more than likely hit two thousand this year. There have been a lot of people who influenced me to make this blog and be a stronger more outspoken vegan. Notably dahliaeyes, seitanpancake, resident-tofu, vegan-because-fuck-you, animalrightshumanwrongs and dontbreakveg.

I’ve since met a lot of super great people through my blog who I have a tremendous amount of respect for, or just like their blogs. theresnorevolution, lonelystarseeds, freethemages, ratkingxvx, der-kapitaen, nopolarbearsinnorway, thyla-koid, bootyregrit, viktoriaashleyy, outofmyvulcanmind, bryancranstonthrowsapizza, vaginalkleptomaniac, itamedgojira, ozzylot, lemongrabxvx, restlessminx, soylentvanilla, damnitfeelsgoodtobeavegan, cocodura, little-veganite, aveganpizzaparty and so many people I love and know I am forgetting to mention in this post. You’re all really fantastic.

thingstaggedvegan and vegansmustbestopped are also great

Okay this is just becoming an awards show speech that’s going on too long and someone off stage is telling me to wrap it up.


A mindless group of people who are totally ignorant to the feelings of fruits and vegetables. These are people who dont eat meat for reasons other than health or weight loss. They normally form the same argument about animal cruelty, when in fact, animals have no true feelings or emotion, and if we didn’t eat them they would suffer and die anyway just like everything else does. As for the sport of it least animals have some chance of escape, unlike plants.
That damn lettuce patch never saw it coming. They were ambushed in the middle of the night by a band of salad-loving vegans.

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have you read "eternal treblinka"? the parallels are grueling. but it seems as though the debate against comparisons is based solely on (potential) hurt feelings and offense taken by humans who don't like "being compared to animals" which is based on speciesist prejudice against animals in and of itself. it's no use arguing though...

i haven’t read it, but yeah, there’s no valid argument for carnism in the first place. i mean come on, my family’s jewish and frankly i’m more offended by the people who defend animal agriculture than those who compare it to the holocaust because there ARE so many similarities and those people are accepting and PAYING FOR the same horror to continue

“hurt feelings.” yeah i’d sort of rather be compared to animals than other humans.