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That Push Pin Woman strip reminded me that there won't be another Ax anthology in English... Um, you seem to be either proficient in Japanese or at least familiar with artists whose work isn't available or widely available in English, so I was wondering, are you familiar with the Japanese Ax at all? Are you able to offer any opinion on it's representing the (at that time) current Japanese "alternative" and/or "underground" scene?

Oh, is there no chance of it coming out? I thought it was still up in the air as to whether or not one more would be released, but with how the first one turned out, I guess I’m not super surprised that nothing is on the table. I may or may not have some plans to do some stuff with it.

AX, the Japanese mag, is published by Seirinkogeisha. It’s a bimonthly mag and is still currently running. It still reps the type of alt/underground comic that was compiled in the English version of AX, but as for how indicative of alt/underground comics in general in Japan that may be, I can’t really say. I do think you should consider stuff in AX a pretty small portion of comics of whatever scene you might consider it though (currently, and probably back then for the stuff in the English book). Even though there aren’t too many other print mags of AX’s pedigree/history that specialize in those kinds of comics around, there are a lot of comics that get self pub’d, or are compiled by smaller/indie pub, or are on net mags that’d fit into alt/underground categories. Even AX has “Web AX” at which has some different type of stuff than what they run in their print mag. It’s pretty slept on for some reason on tumblr, despite it running on the platform and having some established authors and interesting stuff on there, but alt jp comics are probably slept on in general ‘cause English resources for it aren’t readily available or require :effort: to find or has the obvious language barrier. Other net mag that might be more similar to AX in feel would maybe be small ones like web mag monster. I also really like mavo and to-ti though again I’m running into the problem of not knowing how alternative or underground it’d be considered ‘cause they’ve both got a lot of established people behind it and in it, but are probably still considered alt/relatively lesser known. You can find stuff if you know where to look, but looking for it only in print in English might leave a lot to be desired.

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