Brown Eyes

In which Taylor Swift writes a song about Julian. XD


"…are we there yet?"

Derek rolled his eyes, keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the road in front of them. “For the seventeenth time, Jules, not yet.”

Julian sighed and shifted in the backseat, throwing his legs across the empty space next to him. “But I’m so bored.”

"Go back to sleep," Logan said, fiddling with the dial of the radio.

"But I’m not tired."

"That’s a first." The blond winced at the static erupting from Derek’s speakers. Eventually, a relatively clear voice burst forth, and he sighed in satisfaction.

"…and have we got a surprise for you today! Taylor Swift’s newest single, ‘Brown Eyes’, played for the first time ever…"

Julian jolted up in his seat, nearly strangling himself with the seatbelt as he leaned forward to bat at the radio.

"Hey!" Logan shoved his arm away quickly, shooting a glare at the brunet, "I’ve spent the past five minutes looking for a station that actually works here!”

"I don’t like this song, okay?"

"How would you know? They just said it was new!"

"I first saw you on the movie screen; America’s star; you stole my heart away…"

"Just turn it off, Logan!" Julian stretched forward again, half-falling into Derek’s lap when Logan shoved him away again.

"I’m driving here, guys!” Derek snapped, elbowing his friend away, “Jesus, Jules, it’s just a song.”

"We talked for a while and you shot me a smile and I fell…"

"Could you please just turn it off?”

"No, Julian!"

Julian groaned, flopping back into his seat and throwing an arm over his eyes.

"With your big brown eyes and your movie-star looks, it was a love that was meant for the history books but you walked away."

"Could you just…please turn it off?”

Logan spun around, narrowing his eyes at Julian. “What the hell, Jules? I didn’t realize you hated Taylor Swift so much.”

"I don’t! I just…don’t like this song…"

"We could’ve been perfect, we would’ve been great, we’d stand together against the pain of our fame…"

"Wait a second," Derek straightened in his seat, "Jules…this song isn’t about you, is it?”

"What?" Logan’s brow furrowed, "Why the hell would you—"

"No, listen!" Derek reached forward, turning the volume up.

"Don’t—!" Julian shot forward, slamming his hand against the radio dial. A burst of static blared from the speakers, and all three winced as Julian fumbled for the power switch.

For a moment, tense silence filled the car. Logan cocked his head, gazing curiously at the actor.


"I…fuck, I turned her down at a party, okay?”

"…is that so?"

"We didn’t even—we barely talked! She asked me out and I said I wasn’t interested in dating anyone at the moment and the next thing I know, my agent gets a phone call about this song and I swear I didn’t actually do anything to her—”

Derek snorted loudly, shoving a fist in front of his mouth as he held back a laugh.

"Are you telling me," Logan asked solemnly, "that Taylor Swift wrote a song about you because you turned her down at a party?

Julian nodded violently, eyes wide. “Yes!”

Logan and Derek burst into simultaneous fits of laughter. Julian huffed in aggravation, crossing his arms as he flung himself backwards.

"It’s not funny!"

"Yes it is—" Derek choked out through his giggles.

"You broke the poor girl’s heart, Jules!"

"You stole her heart away—"

"Your love was meant for the history books—"

"Shut up!" 

"This is priceless,” Logan wiped a tear from his cheek, body still shaking with laughter, “I can’t believe you were trying to hide this…”

"It’s humiliating!" Julian threw his hands in the air, "It’s not even subtle, she mentions like three of my roles in the chorus—”

Derek’s head slammed against the steering wheel as he fell into another laughing fit.

Stop laughing at me!”

Logan swallowed hard, covering his mouth as he fought the chuckles, “Sorry, sorry.”

Derek cleared his throat, fixing his eyes to the road once more.

Julian shot glares at them both, waiting for their next reaction. When both remained silent, he nodded, satisfied.

A few minutes passed in silence before Logan spoke again.

"Hey Jules?"


"This wouldn’t have happened if you stood with her against the pain of your fame.”

A day in the life of Derek Seigerson
  • wake up, drink coffee, and go to row practice
  • think about sex
  • go to class and drink more coffee
  • wonder why Logan and Julian haven’t gotten together yet
  • think about Casey
  • reprimand self for thinking about Casey
  • go get more coffee
  • mentally scream at Logan and Julian for not growing a pair
  • verbally scream at Logan and Julian for being assholes
  • drink more coffee and do homework
  • wonder why Julian and Logan haven’t had sex yet
  • assume insane because thinking about gay sex and hope coffee will fix it
  • finish homework late at night and crash
  • and repeat the next day

"…so basically what I’m getting at is…I think I’ve been in love with him all along."

Logan twisted his hands together nervously, staring at Derek as he waited for his response.


Derek blinked, lips still pressed firmly together.

"I mean if you think about it…every guy I’ve dated has reminded me of Julian in some way. I guess I just…didn’t want to admit it to myself, you know?"



"So what you’re telling me is that you’ve secretly been in love with Julian since freshman year, and you’ve just been projecting your feelings for him and other people because you didn’t have the balls to do anything about it?"


For a moment, Derek just stared blankly. Logan fidgeted under his gaze, fingers digging into his palms. 

Derek made a sudden movement, and Logan didn’t even have time to duck as a fist collided with the side of his jaw.

Fuck! What the hell, D?”

"I fucking hate you both."

"I just don’t understand how your brain works," Derek says with yet another exasperated sigh, tailing the blond prefect as he turns into the urban fantasy section. "Or, more accurately, your dick."

Logan arches a brow, but otherwise he remains entirely unfazed by the remark, leafing through a new Dresden novel with intense interest. “And I don’t understand why my straight best friend is convincing me that I should want to fuck my other straight best friend.’

"Because he’s Julian motherfucking Larson,” he huffs, catching a myriad of glances from the library’s other visitors (the likes of which range from disapproving to interested to mildly concerned). “Wanting him isn’t a matter of sexuality. It’s a matter of basic intelligence.”

"What, so I should go around enthusing about how much I’d like to sleep with him and inflate his giant ego further?" he snorts. "No, thank you."

"So you would bang him.”

Logan tears his eyes away from the teaser in the book’s cover just long enough to send his friend an annoyed glance. “I don’t see why this is so important to y—”

Just tell me, okay?

"Fine. I would fuck him. I would fuck him so hard that whomever managed to pull me out would become the King of England. Happy?"

"Extremely. Have a nice day."