U.S. Army Sgt. Jacque Keeslar lost both legs in Iraq nearly two years ago. To get around, he relies on a wheelchair and a pair of artificial legs, which help him walk in short bursts.

"If I have to do a half mile or mile of walking, it just exhausts me," Keeslar said.

Now, thanks to a specially designed Segway, the battery-powered transporter, Keeslar says he can ditch his wheelchair and get around without people looking down on him.

And to help others he has started a program called Segs4Vets…

Segs4Vets Washington, D.C. Presentation

On May 20-22, Segs4Vets will be presenting segway’s to over 40 recipients, including more than 20 United States Marines and the single largest group of triple and quadruple amputees. The Segs4Vets Presentation Ceremony will take place at 11:00 AM ET on Wednesday, May 22, at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Part of what is making this large group of recipients possible is a matching grant by Michael Hollins, specifically to provide Segs4Vets awards for those receiving care in the Washington, D.C. area. Michael awarded a $100,000 matching grant with the potential of adding funding once the original grant is matched. 

Michael S. Hollins, a real estate developer, partner in a private equity investment company in Maryland, and president of The Hollins Family Trust provided the grant to Segs4Vets, a project of Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT), after he saw wounded warriors riding Segways on the Walter Reed campus. The Segway is a universally designed mobility device that has found an avid following among the disabled because its universal design makes it easy to use without drawing attention to the disability. Segs4Vets, ranked as one of America’s best charities and recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, has awarded more than 1,000 Segways to injured warriors and the medical centers which treat them.

For more information on Segs4Vets or to make a donation in response to Mr. Hollins’ challenge, visit

WiSA Donates Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound System to Segs4Vets Auction Aboard Home Theater Cruise

By Jim Venable, President of WiSA

Alan Ruberg, WiSA Association’s chief technologist, and I will be representing the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association aboard the 10th Annual Home Theater Cruise and Technology Conference At Sea, which leaves port November 25, 2012.  The Home Theater Cruise (HTC) offers education and a chance network with the industry’s top executives and decision-makers. The WiSA Association will be showcasing a 7.1 wireless surround sound system in the ship’s conference center, which in and of itself, is a perfect example of how easy it is to transport and setup a WiSA certified wireless speaker system.

Part of this year’s HTC is an on-board charity auction to raise funds for Segs4Vets. This nonprofit charity helps returning vets to become mobile again with the help of a Segway. WiSA is proud to donate an Intimus 4T Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System from Aperion Audio to benefit this great cause.

We hope to see you onboard the ship, but if you can not attend this year’s cruise, we kindly ask you to consider the Segs4Vets program for any donations you may choose to make this holiday season. The Association will also be showcasing wireless surround sound systems in January 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, NV) and Integrated Systems Europe (Amsterdam, NL).  Attendees at each show can expect to see and hear some new prototypes from WiSA Association members.

War Continues for Severely Wounded Warriors

San Diego, Ca. March 6, 2013– Although U.S. troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, the war never ends for severely injured military service members. Tomorrow, 26 wounded warriors will receive Segway personal transporters to improve their mobility and independence at a ceremony on the forward deck of the historic USS Midway.

Segs4Vets, ranked as one of America’s best charities and recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, will award the Segways at an outdoor ceremony Wednesday, March 6, at 10:45 a.m. The ceremony is open to the public. The USS Midway, now a popular naval museum, was the longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century

Segs4Vets is a project of Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT). The program is dedicated to restoring independence and productivity to severely injured service members. Segs4Vets has awarded more than 1,000 Segways since 2005 and plans to award 2,000 more in the next five years.

To learn more about this great program, visit