I’ve gotta say dispite a few set backs in 2015 so far (like Sam recently) but the fact that last week I did temp work in two different places (one is hospital and 3 days in an office both cleaning) on friday I was called by the job recruiment agency I’m with that they have work in the hospital tuesday and wednesday. And today I get a call but I was on the bus listening to rt podcasts but it’s next to seetec so I go there and they said the hospital asked if I was interested in working today as well (the woman there said they asked for my name). 

Sure it’s temp work as I’ll be moving soon, and sure it’s cleaning but I’ve never done paid work before and so the fact that finally in my 21 years of living I finally got paid work and not free work experience or work placement and can add it to my c.v of recent work and gaining experience (cleaning experience I mean) I feel good that I’m doing something. With Sam I worry about leaving him for a few hours before my sister and mum come home but I’m earning money (I do owe my sister money for shopping and christmas still) as well as getting my jsa as it’s not 16+ hours. 

I sorta wish I had joined the recruiment agency earlier last year but I was a bit of a coward and such but I’m glad seetec sent me there last month with their knowing so I could do it, seetec hasn’t really been helping since I got there really. And my advisor (not nice) keep saying how I should ask for more work and such really so I can be off jsa and I’m guessing he can earn something from this. In any case sure it’s only cleaning and 3 hours but when I move and the princes trust give me my mentor I have something to have on my c.v to help me gain a job and I’m just glad I feel a bit more like an adult in a way.