Apparently I haven’t uploaded these anywhere else yet o xo

FF Tactics Advanced and A2 are some of my favorite games on the nintendo handheld. I loved the gameplay, the music, the characters; it was such a fun game!

I lost my copies of both, though; Maybe I should get a new one for TA2. I think it’s worthy of being called a DS classic, right?

A-Anyways, these were some sketches I did of characters for an RP my friends and I did a while back. The top two, the Moogle and Hume, are my characters. Their names are Jur and Rain respectively u wu

The Old Bangaa belonged to my friend, his name is Leeroy.

Lastly, the Gria and the PigniteSeeq that belonged to my other friend. Their names are Cecelia (Cece for short) and Ranagarr respectively < w>

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Some random sketches of characters from Of Grimoires and Gria, my Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (and a little bit of FFXII) fanfic.

- Saskia is like “why u keep invitin people into my clan" because it’s a running joke that although she’s the clan leader, the other clan members recruit people without her permission. (She doesn’t vocally object, though, which means she secretly agrees.)

- Qrrog wants you to just deal with it. He needs a pair of sunglasses. Do they have those in Ivalice? He needs them.

- Vasily is not a morning person. This is actually from the sequel fic that I’m in the process of writing.

- Jihl, a Revgaji Dragoon who’s a prominent character in the sequel. And has a great beard.

via Freelancer.com - New Projects I have a vector file of a fish, please see attached file. I would like to laser cut this but it would mean alot of parts will fall out. So I would like to pay someone to bridge all the parts in a visually please way not just a put bridges randomly everywhere… (Budget: $10-$30 AUD, Jobs: 3D Design, Illustration)

Creatng and Converting 3d Poly animals ready for fabrication by seeq

Please see the attached file. I am looking to create simple 3D poly animals and then getting the file ready for fabrication in paper at life size. (Budget: $30-$250 AUD, Jobs: 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering) http://dlvr.it/7Rk51W