Alex turns to a potato for comfort 


Just a few days until the complete collection is released! I hope you will obtain a copy for yourself. Here is a link that will assist you in finding nearby stores that carry it in your area. Tell your friends, please; especially if your friends are eastern Grey Kangaroos.


I am a sequential color artist currently seeking work. This is just a small sample of what I can offer. Some are done as practice, however the last four pages (the superheroes and the guys in the jungle) were published projects.

My rates are reasonable and variable, based on both budget and requested style.

I will gladly send you more examples upon request.

In need of a colorist for your comic project? Contact me via email,!

Okay so we all know that Vlad is a desperate vengeful manipulative powerful resourceful spying lonely fruitloop, right?

What if he rigged the Portal to only turn on once someone stepped inside.

Open Submissions Coming in May!

We’re incredibly excited to announce we’ll be opening our submission process this May. Check the full press release below for more info:

PORTLAND, OR March 19th, 2015 - Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today they will begin accepting submissions and pitches in May. Under this policy all writers, artists, cartoonists, and colorists seeking to publish their work with Oni Press will be able to submit their portfolio to the Oni Press editorial team.

Oni Press will accept submissions electronically through email. Creators whose submissions are selected for follow up will be contacted within a designated length of time. Further specific details on the process and where to submit will be released this May.

“We are on the hunt for new stories from new creators, featuring characters that reflect the diversity of the world around us,” added Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. “Oni Press has always valued content and execution, and we are looking for creators and projects that can support our goal to publish excellent, varied, and original work.”


Panther -

[known] as the feral woman that has no understanding to the rules of emotions. Unstable, a ticking time bomb, she does not value others in life. They are all part of the game which to her, ‘we were all born into.’ There are no regrets, love does not exist and the capital of the proud Sin`dorei, Silvermoon City, is a place she will rarely roam.

Be careful while approaching. It’s best to offer her a drink. Never come up from behind. These three things are key to befriending the ex-assassin, though the term ‘friend’ also does not exist. This had been made clear.

Searching for (up for hire) -

  • Contacts.
    Conflicts // Agreements.
    Blackmail // Information.
  • Ask for what else the woman bounded by black leathers has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

- Contact me -

Through the Dark - Open RP

It had been the night of another office party. Usually they were a bit of a laugh, a joke, yet tonight was different. A bit squiffy from his few drinks, Ronald had ended up in a bit of bother with an officer of the dispatch, someone he barely knew that had taken a liking to him.

Ronald threw the door open and shot down the corridor, still in full panic. He wasn’t usually one to run, but his shock and fear had changed that. He ran through the hallways, quickly finding the main door and ran out into the cold night air. He hid round the corner, collapsing against the wall of the dispatch, breathing heavily. Mercifully, the other hadn’t given chase. Ronald sunk to the ground, trembling from fear and shivering in his torn clothing. It suddenly dawned on him what had happened, and what could have happened, and before long, tears stained his cheeks. He hid his face in his hands, trying to calm down.