Welcome to Christiana, one of the world’s greatest epicenters of alternative living. Its impossible to describe so look into it for yourself. If you think it sounds interesting I can guide you through your first visit. It’s one of the most unique and special places in the world. And it will undoubtedly challenge the way you think…in more ways than one. That much I can almost guarantee.

#seeitforyourself #judgenot #tolerance #community #idealism (at Christiania)

As my luck would have it, my ferry back to Athens gets cancelled so I am forced to take a 10 hr boat ride back. Nonetheless it’s been fun. After visiting I just want to confirm American news outlets are full of shit. There hasn’t been a riot in Athens (which usually happens in a small patch of the city square ) since last Easter. The streets are still filled with consumers. The locals have been nothing but friendly to me (nicer than the Italians). Off to Vienna. #newsbullshit #europe #greece #vacation #escapefromnewyork #seeitforyourself (at Λιμάνι Σαντορίνης (Santorini Port))