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I finally got my Driver’s License one week before school started!  I actually gotten my learner’s just last May and I haven’t had any time to practice driving, so I was nervous about whether I would be able to operate a vehicle without crashing into something :S

I was actually really torn between which driving school to choose from: AMA, or not?  AMA is very thorough in their lessons but can be costly, whereas if I chose another driving school, my chances of passing would be greater, as well as the cost would be more reasonable.  In the end, I just chose a driving school that’s not AMA.  My driving instructor, also known as SeeFu, is really funny and I’m glad I chose him as my driving instructor.  He likes to call people, “Bad boy,” or “Bad girl”.

First, I had a weekend to do TV classes— they were really long and kinda boring.. but still very necessary.  After that, I had 5 days to drive with him, 2 hours each day… and then testing right after my lesson on the last day.  I was really nervous since I was pretty sure I would fail.  I had friends who failed the test on their first try so I didn’t really get my hopes up.   Also, our family only has one car and dad is always working so I have no one to teach me how to drive outside of classtime.  I learn by repetition so I was scared I would forget my skills everyday.   As the testing date approached, I got more and more nervous… I really wanted to pass the test on my first try… the cost of the test is really expensive!  I couldn’t sleep the night before the test!!! T_T

Finally, the day of the test!  My seefu had to take some time to calm me down prior to it because I was probably hyperventilating.  Basically I was more nervous than him, even though he kept reassuring me that he’s sure I will pass.  Everyday my seefu took me along the road where I’m most likely gonna be tested on, so I would remember all the signs and sneaky spots.  I never messed up my parallel parking.. until the examination!  AHH!  Also for the examination route, we only gotten halfway before she told me to head back to the registry.  At that point, I was like @_@  I FAILED otherwise she would’ve gone the entire route!  …. Turns out….

She was in a hurry to test another student so she cut the route and passed me!   ^_^

Now the problem is: I need a car to drive…  people are recommending me to either choose a Honda Civic or Corolla… Hmm… Lots of money there again >.<

Drama Fest 2015 has come to an end, and it was such an exciting time. This was the first #ENMUdramafest I have ever personally attended, and I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with all of these wonderful people and watch so many amazing plays from the High School students.

Here is an interview I had with one of the High School Student/Actors. 

Student: Chance Seefus

School: Hobbs High School  Play Performed: 10 Worst Breakups in History

Chance is a senior at Hobbs High, originally born in Albuquerque, NM. 

How Long Have You Been Into Theater Production?: I got interested last year, so that was my Junior year. At first I didn’t really want to do it, like I thought "yeah this is gonna be weird", because I was interested in film and stuff. I thought "this is neat, I might wanna work lights or help direct or something". Then they actually told us to get out and work and act .

Do you think deep down that everybody wants to act?: (agreeing) Everybody wants to do it, but they’re just a little like "ahhh I dunno".

What about the industry really interests you?: I think it is more fun the way I have gotten into the acting on stage thing now. There’s a bit more charm to it and I think it is the most direct form of it. You’re there and if you mess up there is no retakes, where in film you can retake and shoot how ever you want. In theater you just have to play it off and move on and keep going.

It is interesting, I see life that way: Yeah, there’s no retakes in life. You make the best out of it; Improv.

Are you a senior?:  Yeah i’m a senior this year, and I plan on going to school for theater and art. I don’t know where but I think I am applying at OSU (Oklahoma State University) or somewhere around there.

Do you want to go to the West Coast: I’ve thought about it and I think it would be really diff- well it would just be hard (laughing).

But it would be great opportunity: It’s great opportunity, It’s hard to do it. It’s a big dream, everybody wants to do it. You can have different opportunities everywhere, but it is what you make of the opportunities. You can get opportunities everywhere you want to be, but it’s up to the person to get out and do it.

Where is the ultimate place you would like to see yourself in 3-5 years?: Maybe like, not quite Broadway because I don’t think that I could do that? but something like that, I dunno maybe I could, don’t hold myself back. I like the theatrics, but definitely some type of production work.

Acting really took you didn’t it?: Yeah it really did! I didn’t think I would like it at all.

All of the kids were extremely inspiring and gave me perspective on where I would like to take myself now. They show to me that I truly am passionate about the performance arts and film making. Drama Fest was a humbling experience and was a total blast. Thank you to all the schools that attended, all the staff of students that I got to work with, and I am beyond excited to see whats in store for next year. 

                           -Joe Miller