FRUK // USUK A slip of the tongue

Alfred stood outside the business, an amused look on his handsome face. Blue eyes sparkled behind wire rimmed glasses as he watched the door of said seedy
establishment open and close with the comings and goings of guests of various intoxicated states. sounds of laughter and fun times emerged from the well lit pub. a man
with wild brown locks walked out, stumbling over his own feet as a loudmouthed italian helped into the car muttering “bastard. why do I have to be the designated driver?”

Alfred chuckled. Romano was in for one hell of a night. The american walked into the bustling crowds, eyes searching above all the heads for a familiar blonde mop of
hair. his good friend, Yao, had called him from Gilbert’s bar asking him to pick up Arthur for him, saying he was “rather intoxicated” and “being completely
inappropriate” as he liked to put it. the poor Brit couldn’t drink a single glass without getting completely wasted and spilling his life secrets to who ever passed.

But now he stood in an all too familiar bar, looking for his presumably drunk boyfriend. Crowds came and went, laughter and love floating through the air, accompanied
by some country music coming from somewhere near the bar. eventually he spotted him leaning against a wall, wobbling slightly and a crooked semi-smile on his face that
he was obviously trying to conceal. Alfred saw the giggles leaving his lips, the muttering between laughs. Arthur has always been a happy drunk.

what he didn’t see, was the long blonde haired fellow across the bar, sitting by himself but had not been moments ago. his face was flushed, and was obviously thinking about something very serious. contemplating something of great importance. His eyes kept flittering over to arthur, then jumping back to the counter in front of him. He mumbled and swore beneath his breathe, quiet enough so nobody could hear him. But no, Alfred didn’t see him at all. the long haired man’s eyes followed them as they exited the bar, giving each other a lasting kiss in the doorway before walking into the cool night air.

Alfred laughed as Arthur stumbled next to him on the sidewalk as they walked towards the sober man’s shiny blue car. Arthur tried to walk straight but just ended up swerving all around the white sidewalk, his head spinning and making quite incoherent thoughts.

"hey Arthur buddy, here we are, come on, get in" he said gently, almost as if he were speaking to a child. he chuckled lightly as the obvious drunk strolled over to the car, nearly tripping over his own legs twice, then practically falling into the new car.

Alfred did up his lover’s seat-belt, not listening to his incoherent mumbling of the universe and rabbits and the “I swear to god I only had one drink”. Though as he started driving, the mumbling became more and more coherent and words became easier and easier to decipher. at first Alfred ignored him, thinking it would be just his
usual talk “flying mint bunny” or “gotta do my homework” but eventually he said something that made him perk up and listen

"I did iiiit Yao. you said I shourdn’t but I still did it. Yeah, he was surprisered but wwwat do you expect him to react? he was actruarry pretty shocked, but he wars haaaaappy I could see it iiin his eyes" Arthur mumbled. Alfred chuckled to himself, and did his best to mimic a chinese accent, it was probably pretty shitty and would most likely offend many, but it worked well enough "you did what aru?"

Arthur got this goofy look over his face, a pleasurably grin went ear to ear on his drunk face and he lent over and whispered “I confessed my love to Francis”

anonymous said:

1. Best sandwich you've ever made/eaten. 2. Any desire for a tattoo? 3. Least favorite part of the movie indiana jones: the last crusade

1. OH JEEZ. okay my favorite sandwich i’ve ever made was shaved asparagus, roast chicken, muenster, and hot mustard on this weird seedy bread. my favorite sandwich i remember ordering was the (ugh) woody allen sandwich at the lucky dill deli. beef tongue and pastrami on a bagel and i got white cheddar instead of swiss.

2. yep, i have several i’d like, the main one being a heraldic unicorn rearing/standing on the planet venus, with an orchid and a lily of the valley crossed beneath it, so it’ll kind of look like a weird coat of arms. my mom had a unicorn tattooed on her thigh and got an orchid tattooed over her chemotherapy port when she finished chemo the first time, and her name was susan, which means lily. my grandmother wanted to name her venus but was talked out of it, and ever since i found out about that when i was little, venus has been my secret name for my mom.


nintendo6664 said:

tell me about hellion idk anything about him. or any of your ocs besides randal

OH. Well hellion is a not-demon.  He spontaneously existed sometime during fifteenth century in the holy roman empire, around where gaul was. He exists only as a possession, and calls himself an archetype— meaning, to him, a persona/character that persists through cultures and generations. Specifically, he fits a salesman niche.  He can only possess humans he’s made a deal with, or corpses.  ”empty houses” so to speak.  He’s that combination of charmer and cutthroat seedy conman that makes you feel grimy just talking to him.  That being said, he’s mostly benign if he doesn’t want your meat suit.  Annoyance levels and creeper factor notwithstandi— 

…—And he has awful fuckin’ teeth.  Just awful.  

and he has a blog here

Sometimes I can’t get over the fact that 18-year-old Dean would have looked like this: