You Twerk/Do Something Sexy For Him (Liam)

Liam: He was going on tour soon, and you wanted to make something to remind him of you. Your friend had suggested that you take some sexy photos and frame them in the bedroom and some for him to take s with him. So today you went to the photography shop, and got ready to get your diva on. Your hair was in long, brown, lost curious and you had on some black lace lingerie.
The photographer, Jon, instructed you to have neural faces and seductive poses for effect.
“Miss Y/N, do something sexy! Give me fierce! Give me fierce!”
You thought you were doing terribly to be honest. You thought you looked even worse, no way Liam would want to keep these photos. You tried to cover up, but the camera was snapping away.
“YAS, MS. Y/N! WORK IT YOU OWN THE PLACE! YOUR FUCKING FABULOUS!! GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR CHOCOLATE SEXINESS!!!” He excitedly yelled. This gave you a huge confidence boost, and before long, you were posing like a model on the runway. They changed you in different outfits, making you look better every time.

By the time the shoot was over, you had 48 photos emailed to Liam, and 12 printed and edited by Sir. Jon himself. Let’s just say, Liam had his fun with you that night ;)

"You cannot see it, and you will not see it until it is too late."

…will you give me a call?