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Good luck!! I dunno what it is but may you perform ever so well :)

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If it makes you feel any better, Adele said in her concert DVD that she throws up before every performance.

you guys are the loveliest =) thank you so much! it went surprisingly well, I think. I mean, I wasn’t watching, I was singing, but I felt good about it, so…

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don’t freak out! watch something calming that can get you to a point of zen.

I’m not really freaking out, per se, I just always get nervous before a show. it’s completely healthy and nothing to worry about (is what I keep telling myself). I’m just going to watch silly videos on the internet and try to dispel some of this energy so I can get to bed before 3 am =)

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sane human beings actually look into it and see that mayans have predicted A SPIRITUAL REBIRTH AND RENEWAL. i’m so happy to see such avid whovians. such devotion.

exactly. I wish I had known enough to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in preparation for my Doomsday experience. but alas, I had to go through it with just 2 boxes (I spent $2.58. pathetic.)