imagine being at the 1989 tour and some security guards come up to you like “taylor sent us to look for you” and everyone around you just stares in disbelief like goals tbh

As for broader issues, she says that “race is a present thing in America, and it isn’t in Nigeria.” But gender is a problem in her homeland. She recounts how, when she recently walked into a grocery store with her brother there, the security guard at the entrance only greeted him. “I was not in a good mood, so I said, ‘This has to change. You have to greet the both of us.’” The difficulty, she says, is that “the invisibility of the female” is part of Nigerian culture.
At the TED conference in 2013, Ms. Adichie gave a now-famous talk titled, “We Should All Be Feminists.” (The singer Beyoncé quoted it in her song “Flawless.”) “My version of feminism means acknowledging that women have and continue to have gotten the bad end of things, politically and socially, all over the world,” she says. “Feminism means not only acknowledging that, but wanting to make it better.”

(via Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the World of African Literature - WSJ)

the situation at the airport was absolutely awful and the crowding was horrible and it wasn’t even the ifans. we estimated that including the four of us, there were maybe ten ifans there to greet him. the cfans shoved around, chased him down, and the security guard told them to stand behind the tape so many times i felt like taking over for him and screaming at all of them to fucking stand back and let people leave the airport. it was horrible, they were rude to us, the ifans, and when I was walking next to kris they were trying to reach around me and iphones were going around my head like crazy. (there’s one photo of me and kris circulating around and you can tell i’m saying “watch out, watch out”). one girl was gripping onto his wrist and it made me so angry but I didn’t want to just rip her arm away. I felt really helpless and upset because I don’t speak chinese and I couldn’t stop her so I did what I could and at least I was successful in not touching him until I got his spoken consent and he touched my hand. 

but yeah. it was bad and I was upset because cfans get to see kris all the time and this was our one chance and they completely ruined it. 

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015 Film


↣ Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Movie Storyline
Security guard Paul Blart is headed to Las Vegas to attend a Security Guard Expo with his teenage daughter Maya before she departs for college. While at the convention, he inadvertently discovers a heist - and it’s up to Blart to apprehend the criminals.

➭ Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-04-17
Casts : Leif Manson, Eduardo Verástegui, Daniella Alonso, Megan Fabyan Campbell, Ana Gasteyer, Kevin James, D. B. Woodside, Shelly Desai, Nicholas Turturro, Shirley Knight, Raini Rodriguez, David Henrie, Jared Sandler, Loni Love, Gary Valentine, Adhir Kalyan, Neal McDonough, Vic Dibitetto, Steffiana De La Cruz, Bob Clendenin
Duration : 94 minutes runtime
Rating : 7

jared de la cruz


d. b. woodside

paul blart: mall cop

paul blart: mall cop 2


A lot of the stuff I got isn’t pictured cause my friend took most of her stuff home before I could take a haul pic. The mall I went to I had never been at to lift before, and there were SO MANY security guards I was kinda thrown off my game all day. I also kept on thinking I saw LP, for example lots of men looking at women’s accessories suspiciously, or just people who were out of place. Also, my magnet (i have a golf detacher) didn’t work at Brandy Melville, has anyone else ever experienced this? the tags they use looked like regular pencil tags but then had an ink compartment on the other side so IDK (*=not pictured)

Victoria’s Secret
VSX bra - 65.50
*camisole - 48.00
*Unlined bra - 46.00
Pink and black bra - 64.00
Body by VS perfume 100mL - 78.00
Panties - 1 x 14.50 | 3 x 16.50 | 4 x 12.50
        VS total: $415.50

Shawl  - 25.00
*Tank top - 32.50
*cardigan - 39.95
*Shirt - 19.95
         Dynamite total: $117.40

Moleskin 3pck - 25.00
Small moleskin book - 16.00
Kate Spade notebook - 18.50
         Indigo total: 59.50

Romper - 49.95
*Maxi skirt - 19.95
        H&M total: 69.90

LaSenza thongs x 3 - 12.50 each
TNA leggings - 30.00
Better than Sex Mascara - 30.00
The Body shop eye shadow - 22.00
BBW candles x 2 (one not pictured) - 22.50 each

Total: $826.80
    +TAX: $934.28


The signs at the mall

Aries: Hanging out with aquarius and pisces at the juicebar and wondering when cancer is going to come

Taurus: Get lost in the mall and puts a message on for pisces to come and get taurus

Gemini: Has a job in a clothing store and tries to avoid people gemini knows also sees scorpio running after virgo

Cancer: Was supposed to meet up with aries, aquarius and pisces but gets stuck in an elevator that stopped. 

Leo: Accidently buys alot of clothes because their is a hot person in the checkout

Virgo: Walks to the store that gemini works in and steals a bag that is also stuffed with things from the store

Libra: works at a hotdog place and wears a hotdog costume. Their crush sees them and libra gets embaressed

Scorpio: Is a security guard at the store gemini works in. sees virgo putting stuff in a bag then starts running after virgo

Sagittarius: Has a scateboard competition with capricorn in the mall. Panics, and bumps into an elevator, pushes some buttions that stops all the elevator in the whole mall

Capricorn: Gets caught with the skateboard by a guard. Gets taken to a room but then manages to escape

Aquarius: Gets taken for suspicion of stopping the elevators. 

Pisces: Gets a phone call from scorpio and gemini to get cancer and leo 

Btw, Don’t take this seriously ^.^~ 


fnaf4 theoryryry

So recently, I’ve been really interested in the design of the new freddy, or “fredbear” as people are starting to call him.

Last week when the teaser was shown, the page title on had several numbers in it, including 87 (I don’t have a screencap of it, sorry!).

Now, those numbers are gone. But upon inspecting the page, the image of freddy has a reference in it

Here you can see the 87

Now, let’s take a closer look at freddys design.

By now everyone has noticed that freddy has 3 minature freddy-heads on his chest, with what seems to be razor-sharp teeth stuck in their mouths.

What also interests me is how tall the animatronics actually are.

If we look at this picture of withered freddy from fnaf2, he seems to be leaning over to get you. This implies that he is much much taller than people expect him to be. Now, I’m assuming that the security guard would be sitting down (because who wants to stand up doing their job?). So his head would be aligned to the second button on freddys chest.

I have a feeling if both withered freddy and the security guard stood up straight, freddy would be a few inches taller than the guard.

And since all endoskeletons must be fit to be suited into an animatronic, we can assume that all of the animatronics are just about the same height/size.

So, going back to the minature freddy-heads on the fnaf4 freddy, I think they are located on the chest for a specific reason.

We also have Mangle’s decoded speech, which many people speculate it to be “We’ve got a little boy here. He’s missing his frontal lobe.”, which may imply mangle to have done the bite of 87. 

But, look at freddys chest in the spoiler. One of the mini fred-heads is facing downwards. It’s got its mouth slightly open, yeah. But if it’s part of the suit, surely it would have a function/moving scheme as well?

What I am implying is that a child may have gone up to freddy and tried to hug him (for whatever reason), and got their head stuck in one of the fred-heads. If they do move, it would have chomped down on the childs head with the sharp teeth, piercing into the skull and into the frontal lobe.

That freddy caused the bite of 87.

Welcome to the district.

Nana Trish is who you should seek out first, shes regularly wandering about the small district and will stop to talk to any strangers or regular visitors.
She owns the magical wears shop for the time being, and the antique shop on the second floor.

Heres Our Zorse hybrid, Zandra, shes a quiet soul who tends to the small Antique shop for Nana Trish, though also her own traditional clothing store.

Its unsure what Tide Turner does around the place, acting as a security guard and constructor, he helps build new shops, and is currently working on several to hire in new people to the district. 

anonymous asked:

That is so true! So I go to college, and at my dorm there is a security guard at the entrance. On the days I put time and effort into my appearance (makeup and nice clothes) they tell me to "have a nice day" and smile at me. On the days I don't put on makeup and keep it casual, I don't get any kind of acknowledgment. I don't exist. Once I figured out how superficial people really are, I feel like I NEED to put on makeup every time I step outside my dorm just so I get treated nicely.

This is so sad T.T

I wore makeup today for the first time in weeks and sadly I notice it now that I’m actually paying attention to it. A group of guys actually STOPPED THEIR CAR while I was walking just to oggle and I have seldom felt so uncomfortable in my life.

Doctor to doctor // Henry & Leopold // V7 W3 Wednesday late afternoon

After dealing with the unpleasant affair with Illyeana, Henry had grown bored of the library. The calming effects clearly spoiled by the woman’s screaming and anger. And so, in wake of that, he’d decided to wander about the school. Aimlessly, some might say. Of course it could be argued that he was simply exploring, although that excuse might not fly with a security guard, especially if Henry were found in someplace he wasn’t meant to be. 

As he was now. 

He’d found an office, of the medical variety. Being a medical man himself, he couldn’t resist poking his head inside and looking around. He smiled to himself, noticing all the familiar looks. It had to be the office of a doctor, no other excuse. 

He turned around sharply however when he heard the door open. “Ah—” His mouth opened and almost involuntarily exclaimed softly, as if the embarrassment had forced him to as some kind of excuse. 

Caribbean Shores—Chapter 9

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary: AU.  After a nasty breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Emma Swan takes a job as the security guard at Once Upon a Time Academy.  She reluctantly agrees to attend the school’s annual fundraising gala, Caribbean Shores. Prepared for a boring night, Emma has no idea what’s in store for her when Killian Jones, the sexy new owner of the Jolly Roger Marina, is seated next to her.

(Can also be found at and ao3)

Need to catch up? (chapter 1) (chapter 2) (chapter 3) (chapter 4) (chapter 5) (chapter 6) (chapter 7) (chapter 8)

               Emma woke the next morning in stages.  Little by little she swam her way back to consciousness, keenly aware of a feeling of joy and contentment.  How long had it been since she’d greeted the morning with such a spirit of optimism?

               Her dreams had been vague, formless.  All that remained was the impression of pliable black leather, piercing blue eyes, gentle caresses and passionate trysts.

               Emma turned over, keeping her eyes resolutely closed, a smile draping her lips.  

And then she froze.  

She was not alone.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about having more non lethal options in action stories and videogames? Is it weird to feel bothered by mowing down human opponents, specially if they're like, cops or security guards. It's like, I know I'm playing a criminal but do I really gotta shoot everyone, even the new GTA had the option of using a taser lol

 ive always liked being able to use non lethal takedowns in videogames and there being like, consequences if you do? especially like if you kill too many “harmless” people youll be regarded as violent etc or if you kill people who are part of a certain group that group will hate you but their enemies will like you

Joss Whedon is such a great feminist that he devalued the huge strides he made in Bruce/The Hulk’s on-screen character just to squeeze in one more precious scene of a woman being physically restrained/threatened.

Seriously, I loved Bruce’s characterization in The Avengers, the die hard pacifist in him that’s able to overpower even the physical manifestation of his barely contained rage; Whedon’s first Hulk was a thinking monster. The deleted scene where the security guard played by Harry Dean Stanton tells Bruce that he watched the Hulk intentionally  steer himself towards the abandoned warehouse comes from comics canon where Hulk is recognized by Amadeus Cho to be going to incredible lengths to avoid injuring bystanders.

In Age of Ultron, that whole idea is sacrificed just to put his newest weirdwaif in a moment of doll eyed peril.

How could that possibly make sense in anyone’s head? How did that scene even make it past the draft stage?