NVISO’s new Android malware scanner A really great tool available to all android users, it works similiar to services we have all grown to love in the past like virustotal,jotti and other online virus scanning tools and anti malware communities.But this one scans APK files (android apps) and helps people figure out if their malware,This website is so crucially needed in this point in time after reports came out that 1 in 10 of all android apps statistically are some form of malware due to all the unregulated third party appstores and websites with bad security,shady developers hiding new strains of malware in legitimate looking apps and all types of new exploit that we haven’t encountered before.

This site should have a significant impact in the amount of android devices infected and a site where people can upload their android apps and have them scanned quick and easily to see if their infected or malicious is a great thing, we encourage all android users to check it out and use it.The Android community needs more tools like this to fight back against the alarming growth of android based malware.


Misha somehow manages to make Cas look so small here, even though he’s so tall. He looks to the side and keeps his eyes on the floor. The way he fiddles with his hands. You can tell he doesn’t want to face it, he doesn’t want to be there at all.
Look at the floor for answers and the side for an escape. His trench coat his safety blanket.

"Do we ever stop to consider the fact that countless numbers of law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty….WILLINGLY….leaving behind wives, husbands, daughters, sons, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, sisters, in order that they bring order and peace, protection and security back to my home and yours, our neighborhood or city? By the way, the answer is 64 so far this year….27 of those by gunfire."