With the government’s controversial proposed anti-terror law set to be passed into law within weeks, some of Bill C-51’s most outspoken critics are supporting a “pro-privacy action plan” that calls for an end to warrantless and mass surveillance and more independent oversight.

READ: Canada’s Privacy Plan – full report

According to OpenMedia communications manager David Christopher, what he describes as “Canada’s growing privacy deficit” has “alarming consequences for democracy.”

“We’re at a tipping point where we need to decide whether to continue evolving into a surveillance society, or whether to rein in the government’s spying apparatus,” he notes in the release accompanying the report.

“This report outlines common sense steps to strengthen privacy safeguards for all of us.”

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Hacked Tumblr Blog Recovery Guide:

  1. If your Tumblr blog has been hacked, login to Tumblr.com if you can. Otherwise, reset your password. If you cannot reset your password, contact Tumblr Support.

  2. Upon login, click Account (the person icon) from the Dashboard, then click Settings. Make sure your email address has not been changed. Even if your email is intact, how confident are you that you can login to that email account? Tumblr sends password resets via email, so be sure.

  3. Now change your Tumblr password (click the pencil icon) and make it strong. That’s at least eight characters with complexity — a combination of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols. Watch the password strength bar grow as you type.

  4. Under “Last Account Activity,” click “View History” and note any odd login locations and IP addresses.

  5. Seeing spam posts on your blog? Consider any apps you recently authorized that could be posting to your blog. Click Apps and remove any suspect apps. Next, if you might be logged into Tumblr on any mobile device, remove the app connection for Tumblr for iOS or Tumblr for Android. Changing your Tumblr password may not log out all mobile devices from Tumblr. But revoking the Tumblr app connection will.

  6. Now, from the right column of Settings, click your blog. Scroll to “Post by email” and click the “Reset address” button. This changes the email address that can automatically post to your blog.

  7. Check your blog’s queue to delete any unauthorized, upcoming posts.

  8. Go to Edit Theme. Check the blog’s Description and delete any odd code you don’t recognize.

  9. Reinstall your theme in case malicious code was added. If you’ve never modified your theme’s HTML and it now says “Custom theme” instead of the theme’s name, that’s suspect. Recover your theme.

  10. Delete any posts made during the hack. If there are many posts, use the mass post editor to delete multiple posts at once.

  11. Report the hack using the Tumblr Support form. Select “Suspicious activity on my account” as the category.

  12. Finally, change the password and any security question responses for the email account used by your Tumblr account.

See Tumblr Help for tips on keeping your blog secure, especially setting up two-factor authentication (TFA).

Under Stephen Harper, Canada is turning into the incredible shrinking democracy.

That’s bad enough. But if this process of purposeful transformation isn’t reversed, the country could end up more fascist than free.

All the great freedoms have been diminished under this prime minister’s rogue adventure. Despite his blue-chip media enablers, the sultans of sophistry who like to say he’s an ‘incrementalist’, this guy is a rollicking anti-democrat ploughing through the traditions of this country like a runaway bulldozer.

Take freedom of association. Remember the case of Awish Aslam, a second-year political science student who was trolled on Facebook and then thrown out of a Tory political meeting because she had been seen at another party’s event? Internet screening to verify whether you qualify to attend a public political event? Really? This is Canada?

That’s not the worst of it. Over the last year, more than 160 protests and public events have been monitored by the police. There are reports on file with the Government of Canada of the activities of environmentalists, advocates for the disabled — even an interfaith peace vigil. (You have to watch those peaceniks — they can be as subversive as yoga instructors.)

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IGP Orders Tight Security Nationwide Ahead Of Swearing In Ceremony

IGP Orders Tight Security Nationwide Ahead Of Swearing In Ceremony

Following the preparation for the May 29, 2015 inauguration of new administrations in the country, the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, has instructed all the top echelon of the Police Force to beef up security around vulnerable points nationwide.

This disclosure was made known in a statement on Thursday by the Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, who revealed that this…

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Yes. Tech support is the most under-appreciated jobs in the world. People only need them when they are struggling for help. They get shouted at, get screamed at. 

It’s the same as security locks. When everything is okay, no body talks about them. But when something is wrong, they get FLAMED. 

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My favorite part about Arc-V ep. 56 is how confused Security is, like:

“Why is there some mentally challenged kid riding around on a pink hippo grinning like a loon and sparkling all over the place while we duel I don’t know how to handle this I really should have stayed home today I am so not being paid enough to deal with this shit.”


Good morning✨

Love, love, love… Such a beautiful and powerful feeling. I’m a hopeless romantic, so this is frequently on my mind. Lately, I’ve been looking at who we are with the person we love. I like seeing couples who come together and actually make the world a better place. Great things happen when two people bring out the best in one another. Harmony in your relationship frees your energy up to focus on bigger things.

Cheers to love and harmony today💙 and bringing out the best in our partners.

Happy Thursday!


Proof that Louis does not even know the women in the car. Security tells him: “You got a bunch of girls in here so be careful”. Plus a male “friend” grabs Louis’ bum.

10 Ways to Secure Office 365

10 Ways to Secure Office 365

Security. If there’s one thing that concerns organizations contemplating a move of their data to the cloud, or that are already there, it’s security. With new threats being introduced on a regular basis, organizations need to use all the tools they have at their disposal to secure their data.

Brian Reid of NBConsult presented a session at Microsoft Ignite called 10 Ways to Secure Your Office…

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Felony Charges For Eighth Grade Computer Hacker

A case that has recently made headlines involves a 14-year-old at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, Florida who has been arrested for hacking into a teacher’s computer. While this would hardly be considered a crime on the level of sophisticated international hacking, the case is causing quite a stir.

This is the core mindset now prevalent in both the U.S. and U.K. for hiding their crimes from their own populations and then rest of the world: disclosure of what we did will embarrass and shame us, cause anger toward us, and thus harm our “national security.” As these governments endlessly highlight the bad acts of those who are adverse to them, they vigorously hide their own, thus propagandizing their publics into believing that only They — the Other Tribe Over There — commit such acts.