Anti-terror bill: A quick guide

The Anti-Terrorism Act introduced by the Conservative government Friday contains sweeping changes.

Here are the highlights:

Spy games:

Anybody who wished Canada would have its own form of the Central Intelligence Agency is closer to seeing that happen. Until now, Canada’s primary spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), has been allowed only to collect and analyze information about threats to Canada, and advise the government about appropriate responses.

Now, CSIS will be allowed to “disrupt” those threats, which include espionage, sabotage, terrorism and what the government calls “domestic subversion.” That could include anything from disrupting websites and social media accounts to intercepting goods and weapons.

In addition, the Federal Court now will be able to compel third parties to co-operate with CSIS. An example would be having a telecommunications firm provide the spy agency with information, or blocking a website.

The government says it is matching these powers with new safeguards.

The threshold for disruption activities is higher than intelligence gathering, with CSIS being required to have “reasonable grounds to believe” something was a threat to Canada before disrupting the threat, as opposed to needing only “reasonable grounds to suspect” to gather intelligence.

As with its existing intelligence-gathering powers, CSIS would need a warrant whenever its plan to disrupt a threat would contravene the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or Canadian law.

The spy agency will also have to keep the public safety minister informed about threat disruption activities. As well, the Security Intelligence Review Committee will examine CSIS’s performance each year in its report to Parliament.

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"Harmless Error"
A Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 2: “October”
Maria Hill/Jasper Sitwell, James Rhodes, Victoria Hand, Isabelle Hartley, Lance Hunter, Alphonso Mackenzie, Bobbi Morse
Rated M for language and adult content; 7,689 words

In October, Jasper spends a weekend in a cabin, not that his friends understand the appeal. No, his friends are concerned about shit like his emotional well-being and his inability to separate physical acts with feelings. But his friends also encourage Lance Hunter to give relationship advice, so what the hell do they know?

Welcome to Chapter 2 of “Harmless Error,” which jumps back a few months in time and fills in a lot of blanks. Or at least, you know, the most important one.

Terminating the Department of Homeland Security

Many Americans are understandably worried about terrorism and domestic security. But a much smaller and more focused set of homeland security agencies would deal with the threats we face more effectively and efficiently. A leaner array of federal security and intelligence agencies would also be less likely to encroach on state responsibilities, and less able to undermine our personal freedoms. 

New research from suggests that it might be time to terminate the Department of Homeland Security.

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