DID YUO KNOE: Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is credited for voicing the character Bill Cipher, but in actuality, Bill is possessing Alex and using him as a vessel to speak to the outside world.

Hirsch accidentally traded his soul to Cipher at the age of seven for a Snickers bar. 

The entirety of the show Gravity Falls is just an elaborate cry for help.



Write about a character trying to infiltrate a fabled city that happens to protected by a powerful spell. The catch? This character is certain that they’ve found a way in. Double catch? This ‘path’ also leads them into the city’s most horrible (and best kept) secret.

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I'd love to see a whole plant based shopping list and cooking for beginners. Like, what would I need to cook for myself for two weeks? I live off of amy's soups and burritos and want to start cooking more.

Check out my vegan pantry list; it includes ingredients that I usually have in my kitchen, prices of ingredients and a recipe for each ingredient listed. Here’s a video on vegan grocery shopping; it’s basically a person going around a grocery store and pointing out not so well known vegan options. Is It Vegan? is an awesome app to use while grocery shopping. Check out Well Vegan’s sample vegan menu and meal plan which includes a downloadable shopping list, meal plan and recipes. Vegan Health offers a few vegan meal plans as well. The-Secret-Vegan offers a few cheap and easy meal ideas here. Here are essential easy and quick recipes. Here are quick and easy dinner ideas. Here’s a vegan quick and easy round up. I suggest starting off with easy recipes like tofu scramblesbreakfast burritosstir frys, fried riceone pot soups and one pot pastas. I also suggest keeping snacks in the fridge/pantry/on hand such as veggies and hummus, fruit, crackers, nuts, etc. (I also suggest keeping bananas in your freezer to make one ingredient ice cream and also frozen fruits for smoothies). I always say this, but spices are so important to me so stock up on those if you can (there’s a list of spices/herbs that I keep on hand up in the link to my vegan pantry). If you’re interested, here are some general tips from me for going vegan. Also, here’s my vegan resource masterpost and a vegan starter kit that I highly recommend. At first it can seem difficult, but as you keep trying out new ingredients and new recipes you’ll get pumped about how great and in depth your dishes are becoming. I hope this helps some and here’s to making awesome meals!

Here’s the dirty little secret about this though: there is no such thing as withholding sex because there is no situation in which you owe another human being sex. Ever. Your body is 100% your own and you get to consent or not consent to other people doing things to or with your body for whatever the hell reason you would like. This includes because you’re pissed off at the person, because they did something you didn’t like, because you just don’t fucking feel like it, because you’re tired, because you don’t feel attractive, because you’d rather read a book…any of the above. And not wanting to have sex with someone because you have negative feelings towards them at a given moment is not in fact punishment. It’s actually a very natural human feeling not to want to be physically intimate with someone when you’re annoyed/angry/hurt/sad with them. Oddly enough letting someone be close to your body when you don’t feel emotionally close to them doesn’t always feel great (if that’s your thing then go for it, but for those who don’t like it then there is no fucking reason to apologize).

SUNDAY DINNER: Diri djon djon ak poule (Black rice and chicken)


There was a point in my life when I felt like it was my job to be an apologist for Haitian.

"No, cowfoot is really delicious"

"Goat isn’t gross"

"There’s nothing weird about oxtails"

But I’ve reached a point where I’m glad Haitian cuisine remains the hidden gem of the Caribbean. It transforms every meal into a secret shared between myself and my family. It transforms memories of plates and platters into an inside joke I share with any other Haitian I meet. 

In Haiti rice is the king of every table and diri djon djon - rice cooked in the ink like black broth released by the djon djon mushroom when it’s boiled - is the king of rice dishes. Most cultures treat rice as a side dish but I assure you, for Haitians rice is the always the star and anything else on the plate is extra.

Words cannot express how much I love black rice. If I had to choose a final meal it would be a plate of black rice with crab legs, pikliz, some fried plantains and my aunt’s macaroni salad; a true haitian gutbuster.

Let me warn before we get into this recipe: you cannot get djon djon mushrooms at your local market, or most ethnic markets either. Djon Djon mushrooms are native to Haiti and the only time anyone in my family eats *real* black rice is when someone takes a trip back to the homeland and brings some back. It’s a dish I haven’t even eaten in years because getting our hands on the mushrooms after the earthquake in 2006 was incredibly difficult. 

But If you live in an area with a big Haitian population - Queens or Long Island, NY, Boston, Miami, FL, Montreal in Canada, Newark, New Jersey all come to mind - you can probably to track some down. If you’re lucky.

Sorry, let me turn off my Ina Garten voice and stop going on about artisanal, hard to obtain ingredients. 

The closest you could get to replicating the look and taste of a broth made from djon djon mushrooms would be to use Chinese black mushrooms and a splash of balasmic vinegar. Maybe. It would take some fiddling that would be very difficult for someone unfamilar wit the dish to pull off.

For your purposes, that is, creating an earthy, hearty, rice dish, I’d recommend simply buying a package of button mushrooms, dicing the tops and using that and the stems to make a broth.

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i don’t know what the secret to clear skin is as my jaw currently is laughing at me v. viciously and the cruelty of being 22 and having far worse acne than I ever did as a teenager is so BLEH

but the secret to FAKING IT is something I’m getting better at


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