When you are terrified of getting in bed because you know that the nightmares will start the moment you fall asleep but you are so exhausted from sleepless nights. When you don’t know what’s worse, the horrific nightmares or having to sit through the night awake with your thoughts
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Alright so I’m gonna examine the height differences between Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Cassie Sandsmark, Cissie King Jones, Bart Allen, Anita Fite, Slobo and Greta Hayes.

Based off the above image, we see what the starting height for these four was, it does mostly stay the same through the Teen Titans though.

Now, the DC Wiki says Cassie is 5′5″ so we’ll use her as our starting base since it seems the most logical height out of everybody. 

First up, Conner Kent.

Here they’re both wearing about an inch of a heel. However, he’s still got about five or six inches on her. And using this height simulator we can assume Conner is 5′11″ instead of the 5′7″ the Wiki lists him down as.

So next would be Tim Drake.

Tim isn’t too much taller than Cassie. Maybe three or so inches. Using the simulator, it’s safe to say he’s probably 5′8″ instead of the 5′5″ the Wiki lists him down as. He’s not the same height as Cassie.

Next, we’ll do Cissie King-Jones.

Cissie’s wiki says she’s 5′7″ which definitely seems reasonable when compared to this image. Cissie is the middle blonde while Cassie is the one on the right. Cissie is about two or three inches taller so 5′7″ is definitely an okay height for her. 

Now, I couldn’t find any images of Greta and Cassie standing side by side so I used Cissie and Greta instead.

Greta is the brunette girl looking down-ish. Her wiki says she’s 4′8″ and comparing her to Cissie, it seems pretty close. Except, if she were 4′8″ the top of her head would be at Cissie’s shoulders. So Greta’s height would be more 5′0″ where her head is up to Cissie’s nose.

Next, Anita Fite. Same as Greta, I didn’t have an image of Anita and Cassie, so I’m using Cissie.

Not counting the hair, Anita is about two or so inches taller than Cissie. Her wiki says she’s 5′7″ but seeing as how Cissie is 5′7″ then Anita should actually be about 5′9″ instead.

Slobo next!

Finding an image of Slobo standing by a character was harder than the others. I don’t have my comics on hand right now, so I had to go by anything I could find off the internet. So Slobo and Anita are about the same height, most likely 5′8″ not counting most of his hair.

Then there’s Bart Allen.

He’s like 3′3″ or something??


Here is is just about 3 or 4 inches taller than Cassie. Standing at maybe 5′9″ (finally taller than Cissie!) and yes, I know that’s not the real Bart, but they would’ve mentioned it if his height was off to them.

And here he is like 3 inches shorter than Conner who is 5′11, however, Conner does have that like inch high heel, so Bart is most likely 5′9″ then.

So in conclusion

  • Cassie Sandsmark - 5′5″
  • Conner Kent - 5′11″
  • Tim Drake - 5′8″
  • Bart Allen - 5′9″
  • Cissie King-Jones - 5′7″
  • Greta Hayes - 5′0″
  • Anita Fite - 5′9″
  • Slobo - 5′8″

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I’m terrified to say anything because what if it isn’t valid enough? What if all of this is in my head? I’m scared of where I am now, but I’m scared of where I’ll be if I speak up.
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Henry makes a promise with his new friend, Drill. #TheWhispers

At Night

At night, they say the freaks come out
So what does that make you and I?
Playing casual, so they won’t know our secret
Leave this place, heat too intense to hide it

Looking for a place to hide, someplace to run to
Ended up in a dark cranny and you as my needle
Take me high, in a love hotel on a sex soaked mattress
Give me your porcelain body as I crash into your chest

Explore me, discover everything on this expedition
Hit the lights, so we can be blind to our imperfections
Do everything possible to avoid the fall from the sky
Dawn comes fast, we already reserved the next high 

When my partner told me they loved me and that I meant the world to them, I cried my eyes out. I had never heard that said to me before, I didn’t think I would.
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