You know what really just hit me all of the sudden? The fact that the antidote to the potion isn’t True Love, it’s Real Love

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but True Love isn’t mentioned once in Strange Magic. But Real Love is, in all it’s messy and confusing and often painful glory. 

Which isn’t to say that True Love is a negative thing at all, but…it’s still super important for the movie to do that, to focus on what makes Real Love - a love based on respect and affection and selflessness -  so important and precious. 

from Deborah Stratman’s “Second Sighted” (2014)

“Obscure signs portend a looming, indecipherable slump. An oracular decoding of the landscape.

Made in collaboration with composer Olivia Block, and by invitation of the Chicago Film Archives, utilizing solely films from their collection.”

Note: this and the Dumbo still really do seem related. Incidentally, I went and watched this about an hour after finishing Dumbo at home.

Soulmates // AU with Michael Clifford

Today was not a good day. Everything that could go wrong, seemed to be going wrong. I couldn’t catch a break. I was just minding my own business, trying to live my life, and the universe would throw a curve ball at me that I didn’t ask for. All I needed was to make it home so I could hide in my bed for the rest of the day until tomorrow came. After getting soaked by a car driving through a puddle right beside me, I didn’t know what could come next.

I stood on the sidewalk, pushing the button repeatedly, waiting to cross the street. Back where I was from, we didn’t even have crossings like this. You just ran across when it was free, because there were hardly ever any cars, and you could totally get away with it. But in the big city, if you ran across at the wrong time, you might as well change your name to roadkill.

“You know, you only have to press the button once, right?” Someone said beside me, and I turned to face them so fast that I thought my glasses might come off. Who thought they could talk to me like that?

“You know–” I started, ready to say some snarky comment in defense to their snarky comment, but when I saw his face, I just stopped talking. He had a smirk on his face, but it seemed to melt away in seconds as he looked at me. I don’t know what was happening, but as soon as I saw him, it’s like everything around us kept moving, but we were frozen in place. It wasn’t the way he looked, but the way I felt – the way it felt to look at him. I felt like I’d finally found the last piece of a puzzle I’d been trying to solve my whole life.

“You’re just…woah,” Was all he said, and then his face turned a shade of red, which resulted in him looking away from me. I knew who he was. How could you not know who he was? It was impossible to not recognize the bleach blonde hair that looked like it had a blue bath bomb explode on it. But I didn’t care about who he was, all I knew was that something was different.

People started to push past us and cross the street, so I figured I should be going too. “Are you going this way?” I asked, pointing to the street as I took a step off of the sidewalk.

He nodded. “I am now,” He said, staring at me like he recognized me, but I knew he didn’t. Who was I? I was a no one. I came from a small town in the middle of nowhere and I’d done nothing of substance in my life, and I was walking across the street with a member of a famous band, feeling special because he kept looking at me.

Once we got to the other side of the road, we stopped again. Neither of us knew what to say, so I broke the silence. “Are you feeling it too?” I asked.

“Thank god you are, because this is weird and I’ve never felt it before,” He said, looking as confused as I felt.

“It kind of feels like my whole life changed when I met you,” I said slowly, and then laughed, “And I don’t know why.”

“Maybe we’re meant to be,” He shrugged with a smirk on his face.

Hey guys! I’m redoing this whole tumblr so this will be my official “first post”.

I have been missing from this tumblr. scene for quite a few months now and I want to catch everyone up.

For a year or more I had the WORST migraines with the worst pressure in my head and was in almost constant pain every day. I couldn’t even bend over to grab my dogs leash without my head feeling like it was going to explode. She had to jump up so I could grab it to take her out. Most times I stood up I would black out and have to wait a few seconds for my sight to come back. Sometimes even just moving my head to the side could cause a black out. I was miserable. I started to see dots in my vision and could hear whirlwind sounds in my head, I started to be able to see my heart beat in my eyes and towards the end I could see a black dot in my vision that was actually my pupil from my eye balls. For a few days I would wake up with terrible migraines that were so bad that they would make me throw up in the mornings. And throwing up in the morning made me think I was pregnant.

My mom started to get a little worried and made me set up an appointment to see her eye doctor because we thought most of what was happening was because of bad vision. I almost cancelled my appointment the night before because we were having a bbq with friends the next day and I thought I could put it off. The next morning when I woke up I didn’t see the black dot anymore it was RED! And I could also see the little veins.

I decided that was it. I HAD to go see someone. I went to Dr. Antoine of Antoine Eye Care and the lady took pictures of my eyes close up and did other testing as well. When the actual doctor looked at the pictures of my eyes and looked into my eyes he decided to dilate them. He had me looking as glasses while I was waiting for them to fully dilate. When he called me back in he sat me down and asked me to call someone to come pick me up. When I asked why he told me I needed to go to the ER. He continued to tell me I needed to get a CT scan because there was a massive amount of swelling in my brain.

I was picked up by my boyfriend and we met my family at Missouri Baptist Hospital where I got my scan. They called me and two other members into the back where we waited for the results. The woman that came in asked me all kinds of silly questions like what year it was and who the president was and my name and birthday. She also made me do these little tests with my eyes and pushing and pulling her with my arms and legs. I thought she was kidding because of how silly I felt so I was laughing. She then sat down on my bed and said “you have a brain mass on the right side of your brain” still thinking she was kidding I laughed again. Then sat for a minute to think about what she had just said. I looked over to Tyler (my boyfriend) and he was in shock and tears were falling from his eyes. I turned to my mom and she looked horrified. Thats when I realized this woman was most definitely not joking with me.

Everything got real serious and that’s when they sent me to Barnes Jewish Hospital where I had my very first MRI. The doctors came in and that’s when I was officially diagnosed with a “low grade” brain tumor.

Tyler and I had a vacation paid for to Vegas a few days later and the doctors said it was totally fine to go and relax before my surgery while we waited for the surgery room to open that had an MRI machine in it.

A week after my initial diagnosis, my surgery was performed by Dr. Zipfel at Barnes to take out the tumor. The surgery was a total success!

Around 4/5 days after surgery; as I was leaving for home, the pathology on my tumor came back. My tumor was no “low grade” tumor. It was as “high grade” as I think you can get. Right then and there they diagnosed me with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage IV. The deadliest form of brain cancer is what I read all over online. Such a horrible idea to read things online. They were able to get all of my tumor out during surgery but since the cancer is so fast moving they had me scheduled for 6 weeks of radiation on my brain with chemo and then a year of chemo after that was finished.

When I got home from the hospital the recovery was pretty harsh. I couldn’t walk up and down stairs alone. I couldn’t sit and stand alone. Couldn’t go to the bathroom alone. Couldn’t walk alone. I couldn’t remember how to deal cards or do math. I couldn’t sleep except for on my back. I was on steroids for swelling that made me eat everything in the kitchen and gain like 20 lbs. They made me break out all over my body with the grossest acne. Not only did I look like Quasimodo with my boulder-like swollen head but I had acne everywhere like a rash that covered me and was starting to go up my neck onto my face. I was miserable but then I remembered I was alive and had my family with me and boyfriend.

Even though the recovery process wasn’t the fastest I was up on my feet within a few weeks slowly but surly bettering myself. All while friends would stop by my moms house (where we were basically living for recovery) to see me and bring me gifts. I still remember everyone that came and everyone who showed me support and I am forever grateful to all of you.

A few weeks after my initial surgery my head started to leak fluid at the incision. I didn’t have a fever and I didn’t feel sick but I had to go to the Hospital to be checked out. At first they wanted to rush me right into surgery because of an infection. I started to hyperventilate and cry like a baby from being so scared. Another doctor came in and looked at me about an hour later and said I looked fine and that I should stay for a few days to see if anything happens. Well, nothing happened. I was sent home. Within a week or so my head was at it again leaking. Back to the Hospital it was for me. This time they rushed me to the O. R. for surgery. There really was an infection in my head. The infection was around the bone so the “bone flap” or, just a chunk of my skull, was removed.

With the infection I needed to have a PIC line put in my arm and basically what that is, is just a really long catheter direct lining my antibiotics straight into my heart. I had 6 weeks of this with my Nurse Tyler waking up and giving me my medication every morning at 7 am and every night at 7 pm making it very hard to get a good nights sleep or be able to go out anywhere because the medication had to be in the fridge. Also, once a week an actual nurse would come and clean the line and basically rip my skin off changing the bandage.

After all that was done I was finally able to start my radiation therapy and chemo therapy. Radiation was weird and looked scary but my amazing boyfriend made me a mixed cd with our favorite songs on it which made things much easier. I actually ended up looking forward to my treatments because it was my time to just relax and focus on the music and not what was happening to me.

At first the doctors told me that I wouldn’t lose my hair from the chemo and radiation and I was stoked about that because if anyone knows me they know I took so much pride in my colorful hair. Then they let me know that I’d be losing it all. Bummer. It would slowly start to fall out so I just had them shave my head before the second surgery.
1. So I didn’t have to do it myself
2. So I didn’t risk another infection
Now instead of being sad about my missing skull piece and bald head I take pride in wearing colorful wigs.

After getting diagnosed with cancer the hospital tells you to just go back to your normal diet but we knew better than that. My mom and boyfriend and I immediately started to research. A huge help was and still is my moms chiropractor Dr. Laurie Mestdagh of Mestdagh Chiropractic. He told me what to stop eating what to start eating and what supplements for me to take during the chemo and radiation. He is truly an amazing person. Thanks to him, my family. and Tyler I made it through radiation and the first part of chemo with no problems.

After a little bit of time passed I started going to my now Wellness Doctor, Dr. Eric Nepute of Nepute Wellness. He heard about my story through some family of friends and wanted to take me on as a patient pro bono. He really loved my spirit and the good vibes I was able to put off through such a tough time.

I have frequent MRI’s and so far so good on everything! I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The diet that I’m on is SUPER strict and I’ll be posting more about that in other entries. My now fiancé Tyler does most of my cooking and makes my menu for me. He monitors the majority of my food and makes the most delicious recipes for me!

Basically, I just want to show everyone that may be battling anything hard in their life that there is always hope and that your mind is the most powerful thing on the planet. You can do anything just keep a positive mental attitude and say “fuck it” haha that’s what I do. When I get down I turn to Tyler and my family for support and they’re always there to pick me up off the ground and walk beside me until I am back to myself again.

I am still living with a dent in my head until next month I’m having my 3rd surgery to put the piece of my skull back so I can have a normal shaped head again.

I thank God every night for my doctors, my family, Tyler, my friends and anyone else who has helped me through the hardest time of my life.


“And THEN we can figure out what this lady was doing between the first sighting and the second sighting and after that we can just figure out how to deal with the–” you’d been rambling for a solid two minutes about the case, your tone urgent and excited.

Sam was listening with restrained amusement and exchanged a look with Cas who was sitting across the table from him.

“Oh! OH!” you had just had a brainwave about how to tackle the next problem with the case. “Oops…” and you had spilled your beer everywhere. “Shit.”

Sam laughed and shook his head at you, dropping several paper napkins onto the spilled drink. He was giving you a look with an amused smile, a warm glow in his hazel eyes.

“What? …Sorry. I was rambling again…”

“Don’t be sorry,” Sam said, leaning back in his chair and heaving a contented sigh.

  • Aries:
  • Started all the naughty nights with niceness
  • Landed in a very common crisis
  • Everything's in order in a black hole
  • Everything was pretty in the past though
  • That Bloody Mary's lacking in Tabasco
  • Remember when he used to be a rascal?
  • (Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent)
  • Taurus:
  • The crawlers cover the floor in the red ocher corridor
  • For my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before
  • They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door
  • Where the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor
  • (Genesis - Carpet Crawlers)
  • Gemini:
  • I can imagine the moment
  • Breaking out through the silence
  • All the things that we both might say
  • And the heart it will not be denied
  • Till we're both on the same damn side
  • All the barriers blown away
  • (Peter Gabriel - Come talk to me)
  • Cancer:
  • And I love the thought of coming home to you
  • Even if I know we can't make it
  • I love the thought of giving hope to you
  • Just a little ray of light shining through
  • (Simply Red - Fairground)
  • Leo:
  • I'm gonna invite you to try my machines
  • Programme an offer you just can't refuse
  • I'm gonna invite you to share all my dreams
  • You've got nothing to lose
  • Recycle your thoughts
  • I'll rewire your mind
  • I'll punch in some new points of view
  • To make sure you find
  • You've got nothing to lose
  • You don't need nobody else but me...
  • (Roger Taylor - Future Management)
  • Virgo:
  • There must be some misunderstanding
  • There must be some kind of mistake
  • I waited in the rain for hours
  • And you were late
  • Now it's not like me to say the right thing
  • But you could've called to let me know
  • I checked your number twice, don't understand it
  • So I went home
  • (Genesis - Misunderstanding)
  • Libra:
  • Your grace abounds in deepest waters
  • Your sovereign hand
  • Will be my guide
  • Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
  • You've never failed and You won't start now
  • So I will call upon Your name
  • And keep my eyes above the waves
  • When oceans rise
  • My soul will rest in Your embrace
  • For I am Yours and You are mine
  • (Hillsong United - Oceans)
  • Scorpio:
  • Sheets of double glazing help to keep outside the night
  • Only foreign city sirens can cut through
  • Nylon sheets and blankets help to minimize the cold
  • But they can't keep out the chilling sounds
  • Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
  • That she is here with me?
  • (Genesis - Domino)
  • Sagittarius:
  • Gather round the bar let's have a race
  • I want to see how much beer I can pour into my face
  • Bottoms up down it goes, sending bubbles up my nose
  • Pick me up and lay me somewhere safe
  • Don't stand me up I'll fall, lean me up against the wall
  • Never touch the demon drink again
  • All I'll touch is tea
  • Alcohol's destroying me.
  • (John Entwistle - Big Chicken)
  • Capricorn:
  • I was born one mornin' when the sun didn't shine
  • I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
  • I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
  • And the straw boss said "Well, a-bless my soul"
  • You load sixteen tons, what do you get
  • Another day older and deeper in debt
  • Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
  • I owe my soul to the company store
  • (Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons)
  • Aquarius:
  • When the night shows
  • the signals grow on radios
  • All the strange things
  • they come and go, as early warnings
  • Stranded starfish have no place to hide
  • still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
  • There's no point in direction we cannot
  • even choose a side.
  • I took the old track
  • the hollow shoulder, across the waters
  • On the tall cliffs
  • they were getting older, sons and daughters
  • The jaded underworld was riding high
  • Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
  • and as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
  • was warm and soaked the crowd.
  • (Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood)
  • Pisces:
  • Early in the morning
  • The sun was up and the sky was very blue
  • Without a warning
  • As I looked out, my thoughts returned to you.
  • A noise in the city made the children run
  • And hide themselves away
  • And thunder boomed and lightning filled the sky.
  • Looking from this window
  • A thousand rivers running past my door
  • Standing on an island
  • Looking for someone upon the shore
  • I cane see it very clearly, nothing's really changed
  • Then lightning strikes across an empty sky.
  • (ELO - The Rain Is Falling)

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Send me a fandom and I’ll tell you a character I’d roleplay from that fandom.

               / softly  dON’T. i already have

              icONS OF THIS DAMN FRICKER.

             clenches fist once i read the manga i’m gonna fLIPPIN DO IT FIGHT ME


Hey Rosetta! perform What Arrows for Sirius XM Canada’s The Verge Music Lab.


Hey Rosetta! perform an incredible acoustic rendition of Promise inside Fred’s Records in St. John’s, NL.

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Hello :) any everlark fics that based on/inspired by celebrity/famous couples? Thank you ♥

Queen After Death - allinablur (King D. Pedro I and D. Inês de Castro)

A Phoenix by Whose Death Another Phoenix Gave Life Breath - Falafel Waffel (Jane Seymour and King Henry VIII)

Love at Second Sight - kismet4891 (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert)

The Flesh and the Devil - glintwarsgreatest (John Gilbert and Greta Garbo)

I’d Be Surprisingly Good for You - socolormecurious (Eva Duarte and Juan Peron)

An Affair to Remember - populardarling (Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy)

Started Too Fast, Ended Too Soon - survivewithoutanyone (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow)

The Trail’s End: outtake - populardarling (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow)

Breaking the Clause - titania522 (Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence)

Reel Love - Court81981 (Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence)

I Love to Hate You - Diana_Flynn (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)

On the IOW tweet

Didn’t know the IOW meant so much to BC until November. I am guessing, if he was ‘spotted’ and tweeted about…we will know why soon enough. Early birth? Family outing? Will we get more second hand sightings, no pictures? Or is this another pap op? More promotion for the island? Going back to burn evidence of the ‘wedding’ ?What’s it going to be? Hm…the IOW is not remote, but as with the ‘wedding’ is far and closed off enough to hide inconsistencies and some secrets…hmm…

I’m still all up for a quiet ending, but then…nah…this sham will desperately be pushed (until a bitter end?). This post I like from benedicts-third-testicle:

“Ballsy:   Hey Offsie.  :D  We’ve given them various outs - but looks like he’s determined to go for the biggest fuckery imaginable.  Ben?  *whispers* Put out a press release mid-June just as you start Hamlet rehearsals. Splitsville/Annulled/Not a Dad/Private.  Folk will either assume “Not yours” or “SLE” but won’t know which.  Sympathy, but don’t have to prove anything. Done. “

And look, I don’t see the IOW tweet on that guy’s twitter any more! Where did it go? Classic tweet-delete case? Hmm…
(Can anyone else see it?)