Guys, when I see stuff like this I really worry about Michael. Like if someone wrote a whole song insulting me I would be so upset and I would feel like absolute shit. What if Michael took it worse than we thought? Like ugh it’s 2:09AM here and I am worrying about a boy who doesn’t know I exist who lives on a different continent. What has my life come to?


So here’s my rant:

First off, she was a big enough asshole to write a ‘joke song’ about her ex boyfriend, Michael and therefore she should take the fucking shit she gets for it.

Now I don’t agree with hate, at all. But you don’t write a song insulting someone for pure PUBLICITY and not expect a reaction from the millions of fans Michael has.

Then she goes on to try and teach people a lesson by saying ‘nobody deserves to get those words’ yes. You’re right. Nobody deserves those words, so why would you write a song, picking out Michael’s insecurities?

Sorry, if you’re going to give hate, fucking expect to receive it.

Also, the song is the worst collection of annoying sounds that my life has ever imagined. The song writing skills are poor, and she probably sat there all day trying to make these petty insults rhyme.

If you’re going to indirectly write a mean song about someone, at least show them you have some actual talent instead of auto tuning your voice until you sound like a strangled mouse.

Also, if you can see Michael is upset about the song, you can at least make a public apology. Otherwise you’re just being a dick and in actual fact YOU SUCK.

I don’t think she has a grudge against Michael. I think this is for pure publicity, and to remind Michael that she’s ‘over him’.

Abigail, writing a song clearly shows you’re still dwelling on the past, so grow the fuck up and write a song about nature or puppies or something.

I can safely say ‘you and your song suck’