If there’s anyone out there who likes rock music or is in a band who rips on 5 Seconds of Summer because they’re a ‘boy band’ or didn’t tour long enough in a van or whatever people may say, all they’re doing is hurting one of the only chances in 2014 for us to continue hearing guitar-driven music on the radio. If you want to take that out, you’re starting all over again.” — John Feldmann for Alt Press Magazine (August 2014)

  • Int:do you feel disappointed when one of your tweets doesn't get a lot of retweets?
  • Luke:well sometimes everyone will be asleep in all territories and you'll tweet at the wrong time so there will not be very many and you'll be like 'what's going on? The career's over. The band's done'
  • Michael:yeah, that's usually our first response 'The career's done. We've had a good run.'