All for a Secret

After a week of trying to make fudge, and reluctantly refusing her mother’s as well as her older brother Jean-Luc’s help, Lily finally had results she was happy with. She could only hope though that her cousin Seth liked the results as well. Jean was the one to drop her off at her uncle’s house this weekend as her mother had a few things she needed to take care of. She hugged her Uncle when he answered the door and gave him a share of the fudge she had made before asking where Seth was. After being told he was out in the garden she thanked him and then made her way there while her brother talked to their uncle.

When she reached the garden she looked around. “Seth? Oh dearest cousin, where are ya?” she called. She saw a head pop up over near the roses and she went that way. “I have the fudge,” she said as she raised the container she had for him.

He stood fully and grinned. “I knew you could do it,” he said as he took it. “Thank you, Lily. Don’t worry I didn’t tell father” he said as he opened the container and took out a piece to try.

“Well… what do you think?” she asked, trying not to look concerned or worried as she watched him chew the fudge. He scratched his chin for a few moments before smiling.

“It’s good. Just a little more practice and it’ll be like Aunt Lisa’s,” he answered. She smiled back at him, relieved.

“Well I’m glad ya like it! I put a lotta work into that you know!” she said and crossed her arms lightly. “All for you.”

“And so I wouldn’t tell father,” he added.

“Yeah…well…” she trailed off and looked away a little. “So what are we gonna do today?” she asked. 

“I haven’t decided yet,” he said and chuckled as she looked at him again.