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Mississippi State center Dillon Day stomps on 2 different LSU players.

as your attention was focused on your television set, time seemed to stand still for just a moment. I was observing you. how your jaw was clenched, eyes locked on the screen. I could tell you were very into the program being broadcasted. how your chest rose as your lungs filled with air and collapsed as the air escaped. I slowly tried to match my breathing with yours. how your lovely aroma filled the room and stained the bedsheets. I couldn’t wait to roll over and lay my face closer to you, just so I could appreciate your scent. how your hair was pushed back neatly. I love running my fingers through the thick strands. how your eyes are deep pools of dark brown. I swear I could lose myself staring into them. how your lips were pressed together. I could not stop thinking how soft they are when brushing against mine. just how everything in that moment as I looked up at you was perfect. I couldn’t help but smile. But then I guess you felt my gaze and turned to face me. I quickly looked away.

In those five seconds of looking at you, who would have known I would have captured such beauty. In those five seconds, your presence made me smile. In those five seconds, I was so grateful for ever crossing paths with someone like you. In those five seconds, I realized how madly in love I am with you.

—  d-magz