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Throwback Thursday: Are you ready for football?  We are!  

Mizzou’s football season starts this Saturday. We’re celebrating with an image of Don Faurot as a halfback in 1924.

The spirit of MU football was recognized in 1972 when the playing field at Memorial Stadium was dedicated to Coach Don Faurot who played on the Missouri Tiger football team from 1920-1924.  He was head coach from 1935-1956, with a record of 101-79-10, and athletic director from 1935-1967. Taking charge of an MU football program coming off a 2-23-2 three year record, Coach Faurot quickly rebuilt his team. By 1939, he took MU’s revitalized team to the Orange Bowl. In January 1942, with his new offensive formation, the Split-T, Faurot led the Tigers to an appearance at the Sugar Bowl. One of Coach Faurot’s favorite highlights, however, was his Tigers 15-13 defeat of the Jayhawks, with a safety on the final play of his final game as head coach.

(via Mizzourah! Football at MU: The Early Years)

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