#Nefertiti I had always wanted to be a creative director. 2 years ago on my 20th birthday, I made the concept to make this shoot to give me the same embodiment in the next chapter of my life. She was and is totality, strength, wisdom, royal poise of the queen from my Nubian roots. Today walking the streets of DC someone randomly recognized me from this picture and raved the kindest words about it. It made me so happy. I wondered if they saw me in the same bold light as what this woman represented. I can only hope to live up to the mere adjectives of what she was, and in my own right be an Icon. [thank you photographer Mad Mike] #seblexabebeworldly (at Washington, DC)

Prayers for Egypt. My good friend in Cairo called me to say the place I stood once in the Al-Azhar Mosque; now lays over 500 bodies from political warfare. In disbelief. Life is precious. Egypt your in my heart. #seblexabebeworldly