Nasty Baby / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Sebastian Silva) — A gay couple try to have a baby with the help of their best friend, Polly. The trio navigates the idea of creating life while confronted by unexpected harassment from a neighborhood man called The Bishop. As their clashes grow increasingly aggressive, odds are someone is getting hurt.

Film no. 334

Crystal Fairy | Sebastián Silva | 2013

As Jamie travels in Chile, he invites an eccentric woman to join his group’s quest to score a fabled hallucinogen, a move that finds him at odds with his new companion, until they drink the magic brew on a beach at the edge of the desert.

I Like It [ 7.0 ] 


The thing with improv is, it’s a little bit of a myth, unless it’s mumblecore, which is not Nasty Baby. After the third take you figure out what you’re going to do, and then you just start repeating that. After the second or third take it becomes more scripted, in terms of what they’re going to say or how fast they’re going to say it.

We talk with director Sebastián Silva and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe about their new film, Nasty Baby, while at Sundance.