Slipping further into crazytown..

So, I’m a ruthless dictator who has been holding my best friend’s sister-in-law-who-he-also-has-a-long-standing-thing-for for at least 4 (maybe 5 and possibly as long as 9) years. Yes, let’s put that in caps and bold: YEARS. In all that time she has defied every gesture of mine, from friendship to kindness to interrogation, and refused to give up the information I want, I NEED. 

Since my best friend abandoned me — after trying to kill me — when all I did was try to protect him by making an example out of people who tried to hurt him, I’m slipping further into crazytown and it’s even more important to me to get the answers from this “screwdriver wielding psychopath” who is cold as the arctic.

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Charlie & Monroe | 2.17

Night and Day


Because we’re family.

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"Those two have such intensity between them that it toys with Charlie’s morals in a very dangerous, but exciting way. I feel like every time he walks away from her, she has to shake her head to regain control." - Tracy Spiridakos