A few concept logos i created for a friend ages ago and which i have also stumbled upon *sigh* great to see old works one has done. She is a fashionista and i was messing around creating a few logo redesigns from her original one. I hope i dont get in trouble for posting them :P

wooo here is my overdue barastuck trade with the super lovely KDUBZ

they asked for karkat and equius wrestling! (and as an extra some of the worst colour blocked perspective i’ve ever seen XD here is one with just sorta randomcolours as a bg to make it less shitty) 

this was super fun experimenting with new poses. also drawing some one’s pants up that high. oh pantskats! 

i hope you like it! 

and here is a like to their part of the trade!


Its been a while since i blogged anything but a lot has happened in the past few weeks i haven’t been on tumblr. First off i finally got a job at a local skate shop here in dubai ( to be honest its really shit ‘cause the owners butchered the ideology of what a skate shop really is which as well know a chill out spot for skaters and friends to go socialize and fuck around where in this case its just a shop to buy and never socialize, 24/7 surveillance…oh hello big brother!…basterds) ANYWHO also i’ve been getting pretty…well smokey to put it in easy matter. Anyways more art pieces to be put up soon possibly a hulk one. WHO KNOWS XD!!?!?!?!!?!!! i dont O_O