aint-no-party-like-a-tea-party said:

Me and my bestie are visiting vancouver next summer (we're from the UK) and possibly going to visit vancouver aquarium. is it as bad as seaworld/would we be bad people for visiting? (we're both anti-caps)

Well…in a lot of aspects it’s better than SeaWord (in terms of some education and research). But I still wouldn’t advocate going.

Educators have been known to lie, just like educators at SeaWorld. They were involved in the effort to import 18 wild belugas to the US. I’ve also heard from visitors that the cetaceans there spend a lot of time doing nothing.

So no, I do not advocate visiting the Vancouver Aquarium nor would I support your decision to go there. No, it doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person but I urge you not to go. If you want to see wild whales, just go whale watching! It is Vancouver after all, and there’s an enormous amount of wild whales around.

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Dari seringnya kulap, cuma tiga kali doang punya temen sebangku. Ga mau nyarterin orang biar bisa tidur enak di jalan hahahahaha
Sekarang udah ga ada kulap.lagi, nanti kalo dateng ke seaword, ragunan, museum air tawar, dan tempat-tempat kulap dulu pasti 懐かしい―――