Orca Aware’s Founding Manager Sam Lipman interviewed John Hargrove at WhaleFest in Brighton, UK on Sunday 15th March 2015. John is a former senior orca trainer for SeaWorld, USA and former supervisor of orca training for Marineland Antibes, France, who has 14 years of experience working with captive orca over a 19 year period. John appeared in the 2013 documentary ‘Blackfish’ and has since gone on to support legislation in California and New York to end the practice of keeping orca in captivity. John’s book ‘Beneath the Surface: Killer whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish’ is now available.

I was able to leave and go on with my life, and they’re[the orcas] not. For everything they gave me, the least that I can do is take some criticism from boardroom cowards, the SeaWorld people sat behind a keyboard; weather that storm, and go out there and tell the truth.

Jonh Hargrove’s full presentation at WhaleFest 2015

I’m sorry if this has been posted before, but I just watched it and wanted to share if there’s other who hadn’t seen it either.

John talks about various things and I’ll make a short list of them here:

- Orkid attacking a trainer during an AI session
- That witnesses told John that huge amounts of blood where present when Keto killed Alexis meaning that Alexis didn’t drown, but was violently attacked and killed by Keto. 
- How Seaworld failed to tell their trainers the details about Alexis’ death. 

He talks about a lot more,but these are the things that stood out to me the most.

About half way through his presentation two girls get up with a banner which says “Hargrove the hypocrite” and yell things at him which I can’t make out. They’re quickly removed by staff. I love how John is smiling/laughing while this is taking place because it’s just so stupid that it’s the only response it deserves. All they did was make themselves look stupid. They accomplished absolutely nothing by what they did.

Also a lot of respect to John for mentioning Keltie Byrne and Daniel Dukes and saying it’s not fair how their deaths are always glossed over in this debate. 
He also mentions and defends Gabriella and goes on to praise Naomi Rose, Howard Garrett and Ingrid Visser and their work. I thought it was really awesome of him to acknowledge the people who have fought for these animals for so long. 

Protesting the use of captive dolphins at the Mirage Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip in March 2015.
These dolphins have been without any type of shade for the last 24 years, and temperatures reach over 115F in the summer.
If you would like to join the next protest (April 25th), visit MojaveDolphins.Com for all of the details.


Nalani Belly Spin Training Session by CetusCetus on YouTube
A behaviour I didn’t know she could do! I also saw her do it a few days later in a show without the target pole.
Please credit me if you use this footage.


Free the Mojave Dolphins is a group of animal activists dedicated to shining light on the plight of the dolphins at the Mirage hotel. You would be surprised how many tourists have no idea that this hotel has been keeping dolphins for more than 24 years. “Secret Garden” is right… but we are here to expose them! The Mirage has 10 dolphins in their swimming pools, and refuses to provide them with any shade structures, even though the Animal Welfare Act states that dolphins should have shade when the environment calls for it…. if the Mirage dolphins in the Mojave desert with temps exceeding 115F don’t need shade… then what dolphins was this rule written for??????
Find us at MojaveDolphins.Com