Safe travels, turtles! The #seaturtletrek ends with 52 endangered turtles swimming free from a Florida beach. Way to go, rescue teams!

Saving a species: It takes a team

We’re so excited to be able to get these endangered sea turtles healthy enough be released back into to the ocean. And we had a lot of help doing it! Folks from National Aquarium in Baltimore (seen in blue above talking to the Aquarium’s head vet) came during the crunch time this winter to help take care of the turtles, and we’re teaming up with them to bring the turtles home!

Follow our Sea Turtle Trek to Florida this weekend!


It was a busy night for our #SeaTurtleTrek-kers! After leaving Baltimore last night, the team made two stops at Virginia Aquarium and South Carolina Aquarium - bringing our total turtle count up to 52

Keep track of where the caravan is now and stay tuned for more updates from the release later today! 

#SeaTurtleTrek Update - And They're Off!

The #seaturtletrek-kers are using a SPOT satellite messenger to track their journey from Boston to the release point in Jacksonville, Florida! Now you can follow along with our staff, staff from New England Aquarium and 46 endangered sea turtles as they make their way down the east coast!

Stay tuned for more #SeaTurtleTrek updates!