Favorite German Words

Die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit = literally spring tiredness, springtime fatigue. Das Frühjahr = “early year”, spring. Müdigkeit = tiredness, fatigue. A mysterious ailment that befalls people in early spring and may be related to baromatic pressure and weather changes in general. A great excuse for less than top notch performance at work or in school. ;) It happens every year just around this time. You feel more tired than usual, sluggish, craving light, sunshine, warmth after the long winter months, and feel like you need extra sleep.

“In many ways April is a kind of down time, shoulder season, off-peak, a kind of gray zone between the big winter events and the promise of summer. So perhaps it is the crocuses, the slightly warmer days, the lengthening hours of light that makes April also about poetry. Popularly conceived of as off-peak, the practice of poetry seems to fit in with the promise of the season.”
―  Loss Pequeno Glazier, Poems for April

(via thecharmofhome.blogspot.com)