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I'm so worried about the lack of Tyler on set. That's all I have to say.

Same. And now I’m stressing about Caleb and Spencer living together too. This has not been a good day.


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So there is a picture floating around that one of the set or prop guys posted of a mirror and behind that mirror is what looks like a set board with house or apartment layouts and plans and at the top of the board is says "Spencer and Caleb." It appears that maybe they will be living together after the time jump. Have you seen this? What do you think this could mean?

I haven’t seen it. Could you maybe link me to it? I think they pitched their ideas for 6B to WB just a couple days ago so I don’t know why they’d already be coming up with floor plans, unless that’s something they have to pitch. – But it seems odd to me that out of everybody Spencer and Caleb are roomies.