Gee, sorry I don't take a picture of me looking down, or to the left, with my eyes closed. Sorry I don't change have stupid fake scene hair and try to be someone I'm not to fit in. Gosh! I'm so BR00TAL! METALCORE 4 LYFE! LOL IM GONNA REBLOG WEED EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SMOKE!!!!


Once you get this publicly post 5 things you like about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your followers (non-negotiable) (maybe more than 10)
(Passed on by mrcreeper98)

1. I try to be as open minded and accepting as I can be, and I try not to judge anyone

2. My quirkiness, I’m weird, but in a good way (mostly)

3. I like that I’ve been able to accept and move on from a lot of my mistakes in life

4. My ability to make others laugh, even when they’re feeling down

5. My tattoos, I just love them 💝

I pass this on to cynthiareallycooldancer, mewlingquim00, sn0wing-seas0n, thegaysuperman, nobodyfuckingtouchme, alreadycondemned, th3k3vin3ff3ct, slaying-hoes, whipmehouston, and totallyawkwardteengirl. 💖

Rangers' Jurickson Profar Likely Out For 2nd Straight Season

Rangers’ Jurickson Profar Likely Out For 2nd Straight Season

Jurickson Profar of the Texas Rangers was once the top prospect in not just the organization but in all of baseball. Prior to the 2014 seas0n he was named baseball’s number one prospect by, Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus.

The Rangers expected him to man second base full-time in 2014 when they traded talented second baseman Ian Kinslerto the Detroit Tigers for power-hitting first…

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