Gee, sorry I don't take a picture of me looking down, or to the left, with my eyes closed. Sorry I don't change have stupid fake scene hair and try to be someone I'm not to fit in. Gosh! I'm so BR00TAL! METALCORE 4 LYFE! LOL IM GONNA REBLOG WEED EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SMOKE!!!!


1 have f1ve g1gabyte2 0f p1cture2 0n my c0mputer

and e1ghty f0ur g1gabyte2 0f d0wnl0aded pr0gram2 and m0v1es

twenty 0f wh1ch are p0kem0n seas0ns

and f0rty tw0 0f wh1ch are these “d1sney m0v1es” that 1 had heard ab0ut

1 make g00d dec1s10ns.

but 1’m g01ng t0 clean up my c0mputer n0w

Cincinnati Reds: Five free agent options to play left field

#npb #Ichiro [Call To The Pen]225 average and a career low 40 RBI. Ichiro Suzuki: Ichiro to Cincinnati for a full time role seems unlikely given his age, but there likely wouldn’t need to be a long term commitment. He hit .284 last seas0n but stole only a single base while posting …

actually 1 k1nd 0f just want t0 curl 1n a ball and m0urn the death 0f my fr1ends.

but unf0rtunately the h0l1day seas0n 12 2upp0sed t0 be ab0ut shar1ng and car1ng and n0t m0p1ng ar0und 1n y0ur underwear because every0ne y0u used t0 celebrate 1t w1th 12 dead. 

n0r 12 1t ab0ut be1ng ant1s0c1al and want1ng t0 yell at every0ne.

But 1 can’t d0 that e1ther becau2e my dead m01ra1l taught me yell1ng was bad, and 1ts n0t s0meth1ng t0 d0 when y0ur friends are dead even th0ugh y0u really, really want t0 just cl0se up and shut the w0rld 0ut.

y0u d0n’t get t0 be sad and angry and b1tter at y0ur 0wn p1t1ful l1fe when y0u’re actually al1ve even th0ugh you never wanted t0 be al1ve 1n the f1r2t place.

y0u have tw0 ’be grateful’