Gee, sorry I don't take a picture of me looking down, or to the left, with my eyes closed. Sorry I don't change have stupid fake scene hair and try to be someone I'm not to fit in. Gosh! I'm so BR00TAL! METALCORE 4 LYFE! LOL IM GONNA REBLOG WEED EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SMOKE!!!!


f0rk-and-knife asked:

Ummmm awkward the thing you tagged me in WASNT a post I put up lol (s0wing-seas0n)

It wasn’t awkward until you said it was. You literally could’ve just said “Hey, the thing you tagged me in wasn’t my post.” I apologize for /wrongly/ tagging you, but it appeared to me that I was tagging the OP and I wanted the OP to see it.