Every now and then, a true gem appears.

Okay, really? There are so many things painfully wrong with this message. First of all, PUNCTUATION, MOTHERFUCKER. USE IT. Second, don’t begin with the negatives. You’re supposed to leave that for after you get to know each other.

Also, what is a “faze” because I’m pretty sure you mean “phase.” Also, the “I am not much to look at” isn’t a good idea. It is good to know you’re looking for something REAL and something SEARIOUS. I love 100% USDA-certified Organic beef, seared. Seariously.

Now, the really sad part of this is that you copy and paste this and send it to multiple women. This big long piece of crap was an icebreaker? You could sink the Titanic with the amount of ice that has formed as a result of this message. Cool, you own a business and make more than minimum wage! Congrats, would you like a medal?

Even if there is another message and it DOES have proper grammar, what’s the point? Why can’t this one? At this point, I just pity the dude. I didn’t even bother looking at his profile. I can’t imagine the fuel I’d find for my need to be an asshole.

OH WAIT. HE SENT A FOLLOW-UP MESSAGE. It’s remarkably offensive and thoroughly disgusting. What an asshat. What a tool.

I value the people around me more than myself.

I look out for the people around me more than myself.

I am harder on myself more than anyone could possibly be.

Im more scared of a loved one putting them selfs in a situation that can jepordies their well-being then I would myself.

I fear lossing a loved one more than I do myself.

all these thoughts keep me up at night, then wake me up at sunrise.

sunsetsovercitylights asked:

i'm so sorry about the hate thing. i think it might be suddenly appearing because, for the first time, we have a serious love triangle (i'm not counting sarah/paul/cal) on our hands? regardless, you keep doing you. clone club is still here for you, and the haters can chill or get out of clone club as far as i'm concerned. stay strong!

Yeah it’s the first searious threat to the ship, so people are getting nervous. Personally I’ve always been the type to ship characters with everyone, so if one ship dies and a new one lives I don’t really mind hahahaha

but thanks so much!!!! :D you’re awesome!!!

anonymous asked:

I was so ready to start soon eating again more healthy and workout but I've got a searious injury in Germany in a tournament(yesterday) and I can't move,sleep,nothing,I've broken so many bones and I just want to cry and cry, and there is almost 30h to drive home with bus aahhg

Hey x Things happen.Sadly we can not rewind time and do things again.We can only look forward and learn from our mistakes :) Take your recovery time and enjoy it,soon you’ll be on your feet again and you’ll be ready to start working out again PLUS you don’t need to wait a long time to start eating healthy again! Eating heathy is not hard you can start any minute ! just push yourself xx 


*i smile and flush* “Don’t you want to come over for a snog?” -Anna// *I bite my lip softly * “it’s searious, love. I need to protect you” -Loyis x

Maybe when you’re not so drunk. *smirks* -Harry /// *nods* Yeah, I know. Why don’t you just quit your job or something?