REPUBLIC OF KOREA, SEOUL : A child lies in a pool of water to cool down in central Seoul on August 1, 2014. South Korea’s state weather agency issued a heat wave warning for Seoul for the first time this year, advising people to stay indoors. Heat wave warnings are issued when the daytime high is expected to stay above 35 C (95F) for two or more consecutive days, according to state media. AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones

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*Throwback Thursdays*

3 years ago, during my time living in South Korea, I began to produce/film/ bits of my experience of working in TV Animation, OEM studio productions. More specifically, developing my own projects. A few months later, Music, Arts & Culture website, Creative Control TV teamed up with me to help share it with the small online circle.These video diaries were labelled Seoul Sessions. Here’s part 4: Coloring A Story. Big shout out to brothersCarlyle, Coodie & Chike for the support.