Tahy 2056 - 333 & 666 


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In the late 80s, actor Sean Penn was arrested for punching out a photographer and was lodged in the cell right next to Richard Ramirez’s. During this time, Sean was still married to Madonna and when she came to visit him one day, she spotted Richard as she stepped off the elevator and asked Sean who that good-looking guy was.

Sean recalled that Richard masturbated excessively. ‘’He was like an animal in heat. He had pictures of his victims on his cell walls. He kept them up with toothpaste,’’ he said.

During his short-term stay in jail, Richard asked Sean for his autograph. Sean wrote:

Dear Richard:

It’s impossible to be incarcerated and not feel a kinship with your fellow inmates. Well, Richard, I’ve done the impossible. I feel absolutely no kinship with you.

Sean Penn

Richard wrote back:

Dear Sean:

Stay in touch and hit ‘em again.                                                                   

Richard Ramirez,                                                                                                           666.