JINUSEAN ft. Jang Hanna - Tell Me One More Time MV!


YG rearranges order of artists’ comebacks, JinuSean coming back before BIGBANG!

YG Entertainment shared with Newsen, “Jinusean is set to make a comeback with a new song in the middle of April. We have not yet decided on the exact date for the release of the new song. We’re planning to release it as a single.”

YG added, “We’re still deciding on whether Jinusean will take part in broadcast promotional activities or not. We have not set on any dates for broadcast activities as of yet.”

In addition, the agency also explained why Jinusean is first up instead of Big Bang - the question that many are probably asking. They said, “We had initially planned for Big Bang to come back as the first artist from YG this year, and both Big Bang and Jinusean had been preparing for their comebacks. Jinusean, however, expressed their wishes to not have to go head to head with hoobaes they’re fond of, and rather just go before, so their release was pulled up." 

This will be JinuSean’s comeback for the first time in 11 years. Meanwhile, BIGBANG is set to make their comeback starting May 1st.

Source: Newsen

Translated by: AKP