Southern fur seal pups in Kaikoura (NZ) have figured out a way to avoid taking their first swim in predator-filled waters. By travelling up a nearby stream, they reach a secluded waterfall pool where they can learn vital swimming skills in complete safety. A pup makes this journey only once, spending 3 days in the pool before returning to the sea with its newfound skills.

Life Story (2014)


Blind Harbor Seal Finding New Cues

The Alaska SeaLife Center is currently caring for a blind Harbor Seal. He was the last Harbor Seal pup rescue of 2014, after being found at Land’s End in Homer, AK. Because of his blindness, the pup, named ‘Bryce’, has been deemed non-releasable by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-National Marine Fisheries Service. Veterinary staff believe he suffered head trauma that was the likely cause of his vision loss.

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CVM. PATIENTIA (with Patience). 

Ourobouros: “Serpens qui caudam devorat” (serpent that eats its tail) represents many things, including totality, the cycle of life, and the “conjunctio oppositorum”- the union of opposites. “Cum patientia” sums up the struggle between self-knowledge and self-deception.


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