This is a healthy and ethical pot-bellied seahorse from the New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas. This is an abusive seahorse holding on, with its perfectly-suited tail, to a ‘pipefish’. Taxozoologically-speaking, ‘pipefish’ are also horses of the sea, but due to prenatal malnutrition (particularly in developing parts of the oceans) they do not gestate fully and are born malformed. Indeed, if one examines the constituent anatomical components of pipefish by colliding them at great speed in an fauna accelerator, one can see that they are, in fact, simply unspooled and dehorsified seahorses. Through physical therapy, some learn to hold themselves in the charming, haughty contrapposto of the seahorse (often described as the posture of a man holding two martinis on a yacht), and some even wear horse-face prostheses, but many more simply pretend to be small seasnakes.


So I was rewatching 5x10 for clues and this little seahorse caught my eye. It was on the eye-chain that Maggie used to unlock the car with the walker that we all think symbolizes where Beth’s body is.
Anyway, I remember going over animal symbolism in class…

Seashores- considered a symbol of strength and power, little creature of surprise, and a symbol of good luck (good luck charm)

This struck me. Beth has become this symbol of strength and power. And she’ll damn sure be one of surprise too when TF sees that’s she’s in fact, alive. Good luck? Well I immediately thought of Morgan putting his items on the alter at church. His own personal good luck charms.

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Character in general: Yooooo— XD I think the maniacal seahorse is pretty awesome. The real design is great, but since the character wasn’t really developed in the games, it gave the mun plenty of room to do whatever they wanted.
How they play them: DEPTH. JUST. DEPTH. You are so very great friendo~ XD I just love how he’ll just appear into the room, and my characters have no longer found a reason to question anything. We haven’t done much of anything in the serious quadrant, but EVERYONE NEEDS CRACK YO. 
The Mun: We haven’t really chatted out of tags, but YOU SEEM GREAT YO— We should totally talk XDD I also really REALLY love your style of art~

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RP with them: A little?

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You are so great I will die.