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Joe Jonas Talks New Show ‘I Can Do That,’ Why He Steals Clothes From Nick Jonas 

Following the disbandment of the Jonas Brothers in 2013, Joe Jonas began a new chapter of his career by pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, making a side-hobby into a full-time job, and curating memes for his two million Instagram followers in between.

For starters, Joe, 25, will star as a regular in NBC’s unconventional variety show I Can Do That!. Hosted by comedic actor Marlon Wayans, the six-episode series will also cast Dancing With the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ciara, comedian Jeff Dye, and actor Alan Ritchson. Each week, the show regulars will be required to pair up and put on a spectacle with the help of acrobats, stunt performers, magicians, and other professionals in nontraditional fields.

“It’s a fun concept,” Joe told On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning. “It was something that I was kind of on the fence about doing, but I’m so glad I did it. I’ve been able to kind of work and do things I never thought I would be able to do. Everything from working with the Blue Man Group to Penn and Teller. I was just all over the map.”

The entertainer continues to tease the upcoming series by describing a challenge he performed with the Blue Man Group, during which he swallowed roughly three gallons of paint while attempting to imitate their mouth-painting craftsmanship. Overall, Joe says “it’s a show that everything can watch” that features a lot of “bickering and bantering” within the motley cast.

In addition to inking an unscripted comedy-variety series deal, Joe made a name for himself in the nightclub scene as a headlining DJ. After finding his footing behind the turntables for the last year-and-a-half, Joe is now a frequent performer at Hyde in Las Vegas.

“People have asked me to kind of do clubs and travel and I love it,” says Joe, who learned the craft of spinning with the help of DJ Triple XL. “It’s a fun thing to work on while I’m working on music and keep people interested and have them dance and rock out.”

Outside of his wheelhouse of television and music, Joe recently opened a hip Los Angeles restaurant located on Santa Monica Boulevard and Main Street. The former name of the spot was coincidentally Joe’s Diner, but to avoid sounding “pretentious,” he named it Hinterland. “It’s kind of a different thing for me, but I love it,” he says. “It’s been a really fun process.”

Despite the major changes in his life, his relationship with his brothers Kevin and Nick Jonas remains the same. Earlier in the week, the “Jealous” singer told OAWRS that Joe is notorious for stealing his clothes.

“They just look better on me, that’s all,” Joe defends himself. “But the thing is, he never wants them back. He’s like, ‘You already wore it. Somebody took a photo of you wearing it. I don’t want that back!'”

Catch Joe in I Can Do That! when it premieres on Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.


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