its taken me a while to actually like myself. i hated growing up in a community that was a bigotry for darker skin, despite the fact that many of the people who ridiculed me where the same ones who spent hundreds on tanning salons or hours in the sun to damage their skin. i hated arguing about my ethnicity with strangers (despite saying i was laos & thai), being called “exotic” by people who saw me as a fetish, and being spoken to in racist accents as if it was some form of flattery. i hated being called names for being bisexual and embracing my sexuality, being told i should be thankful for unwanted sexual attention and harassment because it was a compliment, and being taken as a joke when my virginity was taken by a complete stranger without my permission. i hated being told i was smart only because of my heritage, not being taking seriously as a feminist, and being unaccepted for not fitting stereotypes that caused the trouble in my life in the first place. it was like constantly being rejected for who i was, but being wanted for the idea of me. 

but i am not an idea. i’m a person with ideas. and i refuse to be seen in other light. i refuse to be apologetic for being myself. i refuse to accept racist backhanded compliments. i refuse to be sorry for being a woman. growing up, i hated myself so much, but now I can’t see any real reason why because right now, i freaking love myself. 

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