loveaholics-anonymous asked:

What inspires you in life?

Is this question for rating blogs? It doesnt matter haha.

And maybe it sounds lame but tumblr gives me SO much inspiration. From fashion inspiration for outfits and make up to some really inspirational quotes and stories! It’s full of inspiration and that’s why I love it!

Other than that I find my inspiration around me. 

URL: 7/10

ICON: 10/10

POSTS: 9/10

THEME: 8/10

OVERALL: 34/40

loveaholics-anonymous asked:

Hi there, I'm using theme 19 and I love it but there seems to be something wrong with it. Some posts for some reason are being weird and hiding behind other posts. It's a little hard to explain so could you check it out and maybe tell me what the problem is. Its on my personal, itsacalistory

If you messed with the coding, that could be the case. I recommend reinstalling it, as that shouldn’t happen.