here's what I think happened to Delirium.

Fox: Hey look, this book is pretty cool. I really like the idea of ‘love being forbidden and considered a disease. So does a ton of other people. 

Fox: That would make a pretty cool TV show, ya’ know what i mean right? And also the characters are pretty cool and shit too. 

Fox: except… I mean I’d change like half of the plot though and half of the fundamentals to the character descriptions though. ALRIGHT. LET’S MAKE IT INTO A SHOW. 

Fox: oh shit. we don’t own any rights. 

Fox: That’s okay, let’s buy the rights, and say we’re going to turn the book into a TV show, and then just ignore a couple fundamental plot points, add a few characters in here and there, completely change the thematic statements of the book, not ask the author if she wants to co-write the script as per common courtesy/tradition, and cram the entire first book into the pilot because we honestly don’t care about the plot, only the fact that we get to use the idea.

Fox: this is going to be great.