mukuran replied to your post: ✄ //to mukurz? =v=

“Say, Byakuran, would you like to be broken?” Grins. “But meanwhile, your request has been duly noted. Maybe in my next life or so.. Or maybe not.” //too lazy to switch accounts eep.

"If I remember correctly, I have been broken quite a few times yet I survived each and every one of it." Smiles in return, "Would you like to try again?"

thecarefree That Canadian post has me laughing so hard because I legit just got back from a quick snack run (and I’m still defrosting the wind is fucking cold). As I was walking home the cold stopped being painful and just became numb and I was grinning like an evil maniac because FOOLISH COLD YOU DO NOT PHASE ME I AM WINTER

it’s like the reverse version of “Fire cannot kill a dragon”

"Cold cannot harm the Canadian"


Come back to me, it’s almost easy.