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SO. it’s gonna be $200 (plus a ridiculous amount of steps) in order to release my game for mac unfortunately, as apple likes to make things difficult for no reason. I may start a kickstarter for the money but i’m not sure it’s a big enough game to do so. If you are willing to donate (even just a few dollars) please comment and i’ll more seriously consider not only releasing for mac, but expanding the game with more levels and features.

nxtasidekick said:

[don´t mind me I should be asleep ages ago//coughs// Even though I haven´t been following you for long, I´m a very big fan of the way you portray dean, okay? It always is a joy to read through your interactions when they´re on my dash and I might or might not have spent some significant amount of time stalking your blog but shhhhh. I haven´t watched supernatural in a long, long time but I can still actually /hear/ Deans voice in your writing okay and that is mental. fuck you i´m actually jealous

How am I doing with my character? Tell me in the askbox, and I’ll publish it without comment.