By Stephanie D. Thompson


My mind rests on the thought of us being more than friends

It lies there while emotions contemplate their journey

Stocking up on endurance

Arming themselves for protection


This could be a trip to nowhere

Or a long journey to cloud 9

Cool breezes between our finger tips

Warm smiles to show our affection


Stories of our childhood

Our first crush

Our first love

Our first heartbreak


Who are our heroes?

Who do we want to be?

Are we chasing our dreams?

Or did we let those escape?


The pain of our past makes us cautious

The reward of love makes us curious

Searching for something we’ve both never had

Trading in temporary for something that will last


There are no loopholes or shortcuts to this destination

Looking at my walking shoes; can they go the distance?

The real question is: Can you?

Maybe I should must muster up the courage and just ask


© March 13, 2012 

Excuse me, Love (poem)


By Stephanie D. Thompson


Excuse me, Love

I need to explain my absence

I’ve been moving fast; traveling

But with you, I’ve dropped the ball


Good intentions or good excuses

Which ones do I give you?

Half-assed or whole hearted

I’m sure you’ve heard them all


Let’s start with the truth

I’m scorned, unfulfilled, disappointed

Absolutely and positively jaded

And I hate it


Do you know what it’s like?

Have you been in love alone?

I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about

I won’t even try to explain it


Now, let’s get to the lies

I don’t need you; I’m fine

I’ve been alright solo

Lone ranger until I die


I don’t need long, intense kisses

No thoughts of you when I hear a slow jam

No love notes hidden in my notebooks

No smiles caught in the corner of my eye


What am I really saying to you?

I’m caught in between Heaven and a hell hole

I’ve avoided for you for so long

How dare you find me?!


Since you’re here, tell me where you’ve been

Whenever things are going well, you pull a disappearing act

Houdini must have made an impression on you

You must have some new tricks you want me to see


This disconnect reflects on the both of us

You promised trips to cloud 9

And a gang of butterflies in my stomach

You never mentioned the pain after the fall


The fall where you crash and burn

The question on the quiz that was never learned

Where the hell did this come from?

I don’t know how to respond to this at all


You’re just as guilty as I am

Why? Because you weren’t completely honest with me

You didn’t warn me about Lust

No heads up about Heartache


No word about the posers

Hell, you may not be who you say you are

I guess it’s my job to know

And that’s why I’ve been misplaced


I’m still trying to figure you out

I want to know when you’re real

No more jumping into a pool not knowing if it’s deep or shallow

The waters need to be tested


Until I can be certain

Until I know I’m positively sure

Until I am willing to bet my life

Love, you will be rejected


© February 17, 2012


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