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Hi I've been following you guys since I saw your Karliah. You guys are AWESOME! So I am like 87% sure my husband is taking me to SDCC this year and it's my first con ever. I have two questions: first, will you be there and second, any advice? I've seen all your posts about going in cosplay and they're super helpful, but I'm more curious about the experience in general. I've been told it's overwhelming but other than that I'm not sure what to expect. Thank you! Seriously you two are awesome!


Unfortunately we decided not to go this year, we’re trying to save for Dragon con!

-Second — do your research before the con! Keep checking to see what companies/shows/series/people have announced going. They usually won’t start announcing until 2-3 weeks before. EXCLUSIVE merchandise is usually announced during that time too. (posted here usually)

-Try and pack food and drinks with you to your hotel. Theres a CVS nearby, but nothing huge like a target or walmart unless your in the hotel circle— and believe me you dont want to have to go during the con, you’ll be way too busy. As far as restaurants go, theres an amazing Subway that does pre-packaged sandwiches for a quick meal. Besides that theres not really any fast food, just tons of little parlors and sit down restaurants. Always ask if they have SDCC discount! Most do!

-Try and figure out where you are going to park beforehand. If your hotel has a car parking thats great— but sometimes its more expensive than one of the lots. So check to save some money. The lots are usually overnight included too. 

-IF YOU ARE BOOKED IN HOTEL CIRCLE (this is an area outside downtown with tons of motels) than you dont need parking, as their are shuttle buses to take you to and from. (Just be aware of how long this ride will take.) 

-THE DAY BEFORE THE CON— Get your program and badge ASAP. The greatest thing about SDCC is that badge reg lines usually go REAALLLY fast. And you get a neat bag. 

-As soon as you get your program, tackle it! Spend the night scouring it. What events do you want to go to? What room are they in? WHAT EVENTS ARE BEFORE AND AFTER THEM IN THE SAME ROOM?? This is important, as at SDCC, panels DO NOT CLEAR OUT the room for the next event. 

I.E. the Legend of Korra panel is at 4:00pm and the Big Bang Theory panel is right after it? Teen Wolf is right before it?

Lining up for JUST Korra won’t work. Because they won’t clear the room. That mean everyone waiting for Big Bang Theory is taking up space in Korra Waiting. If you really, really want to see Korra, you gotta sit through Teen Wolf, and maybe whatever comes before it too.  Hence why people wait in lines the night before for 4:00pm panels. :/

-YOU MAY DO ONE THING A DAY. Yep. Its just the way it ends up, because if your waiting in line for 5 hours, your going to miss other things. You gotta prioritize. One thing a day, and strive to do that one thing. And get ready to MISS OUT and that too, its never a guarantee you’ll get in. 

-One day for shopping! Try and designate a day to spend in the dealers hall. Even if you dont buy anything, theres always tons of cool freebies given out! We scored final fantasy lanyards for trying out their game, and some Avatar posters just by hanging out!  

With exclusive merch— those items are usually either sold out the first day, or they sell a batch of exclusive each morning until that day’s cap is sold out. So try and check early the first day for whatever you want. (Our Funko Pop Hannibal sold out completely the first day, and we were lucky to get one since its the very first thing we did that weekend.) 

-There’s a ton of programming inside ALLLLL of the hotels. So if you have time, check em out! Last year the Xbox gaming lounge took the Marriot. And the Scifi cafe always has interesting menu’s based on their shows. There’s also the park area where lots of companies bring in food trucks. Adult Swim and Elder Scrolls were out there last year. 

-If you do want to go to Hall H or a big panel… You gotta camp overnight.  Even for Korra, in Ballroom C we had to start camping from midnight even though the panel didn’t start until 2:00pm. If you want to do Hall H, you gotta start lining up at 7pm THE DAY BEFORE if not earlier. BRING BLANKETS AND SLEEPING BAGS AND COATS. Its so fucking cold at night. Obviously, food and entertainment helps too. It can be fun with a big group of friends and really shitty alone. If I remember, theres no wifi in those lines. So pack movies on the laptop or bring boardgames. 

-Signings.  Autograpph signing are ALWAYS SEPERATE from panels, and they have different lines than the panels do. MAKE SURE you ask around constantly to get in line for them. Korra, Game of Thrones, OUAT, Doctor Who, etc series like this have TICKETED signings. Meaning you need to get in line to get a chance for a ticket. THEN your ticket will get you into the signing. 

PROTIP: If you want to go to the signing SKIP THE DAMN PANEL. The panel is usually beforehand. If you are waiting the night before for the panel, you’ve missed your chance to get a signing ticket. PICK ONE. 

Second Protip: Most people don’t know this, so getting the signing ticket is sometimes easier than getting into the panel. Signing are more worth it in my opinion anywa. 

-Its overwhelming. You are always going to feel like you missed out on something, especially the Hall H stuff. But remember that celebrity panels like that will always be on Youtube, whereas the smaller fun events and free stuff won’t. So skipping the big GAME OF THRONES panel might be worth it if your going to get an autograph signed from Firefly or something. 

I hope all this helps!! Please let me know if you have any questions! 


My wife commanderholly built a full body costume of Blathers, then went around Comic-Con giving fossils to people (includes some familiar faces).  I filmed the entire thing and it was adorable.  Holly’s been working really hard on her YouTube channel and it makes me super proud to be seeing her do so!  Share this one around guys :)


Proud to be a part of the Marvel universe. Take a look at this special piece from SDCC. Take it away, Guardians